As we pick apart last night’s loss to San Diego there always seems to be a tendency to focus on one player as “the guy” who cost us the game. This morning was no different as callers and texters were ringing in with their goats. However, I think this game more than any loss in recent memory was truly a team effort or lack there of. Sure, Jimmy Smith got picked on but the rest of the secondary wasn’t stellar either. The linebackers played below their ability and the defensive line got no pressure on Rivers.

On the other side of the ball Flacco threw some bad balls but the O line didn’t play well and the receivers sometimes looked like they were jogging their routes.

And lest we forget Billy Cundiff missed a 36 yarder to get this mess started.

Oh yeah,  and there were time management issues so the coaches don’t get a pass either.

In other words THEY STUNK IT UP last night as a team. As fans let’s just hope they come out breathing fire for the next two games and Go Niners!


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