By Jessica Kartalija

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — He was a veteran broadcaster on Baltimore’s airwaves since the 1970s. Ron Smith, who many called the Voice of Reason, has died.

Jessica Kartalija reports this came just two months after announcing on air he had Stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

“I owed it to my audience to be honest with them as I try to be honest about political and social matters,” Smith said.

“I think he’s very brave to share this. It’s hard for people to share news like this,” said one fan.

Two weeks after sharing his diagnosis with listeners, Smith announced he was retiring.

“The decision has been made by me to stop appearing on the radio shows. I’m retiring. I basically can no longer do it,” Smith said.

On home hospice care after deciding to end his treatment, Smith heard from hundreds of loyal fans and friends who expressed their thanks.

“Thank you so much, Ron, for all of the most wonderful years we’ve had. You are an inspiration,” one said.

In one of his last columns in the Baltimore Sun, Smith wrote, “How humbling it has been to learn how much I’ve meant to other people in my business, to be told of the positive impact I’ve had on them. I really didn’t fully understand that, so what a blessing it is to learn of that while I’m still among the living.”

Smith had one of the highest-rated talk shows in the Baltimore/Washington area and called his radio show his “highest calling.”

“I basically can no longer do it,” Smith said. “It’s time to pull the plug.”

“We really thank you for what you did in Baltimore, keeping us informed with a good heart and good attitude,” a fan said.

He was 70.

June Smith said “Ron may no longer be on the airwaves, but he will forever speak to her in her heart and soul.”

There will be no service and no memorial. If you would like to honor Ron, you can donate to pancreatic cancer research at Johns Hopkins in his memory.

Comments (16)
  1. MD Resident says:

    RIP Ron, god bless your soul and your family, you are a good man and will be truly missed.

  2. Charles Meyenburg says:

    I was happy to see yoour station show such admiration and respect for Ron, what a man. I was sorry to see that Marty did not, I felt it wasn’t time to include the Ravens win with comments about Ron’s loss. This to me was a lack of respect for Ron. We all are happy to see the Ravens on top but not such that we need to include it in Ron Smith’s memory. Somebody need to instruct Marty in respect for others, he can show his glee at another time other than when speaking of Mr. Smith’s loss, to me that showed a lack of respect.

    1. Kara Lauren Anne Stone says:

      Marty ASS!!

  3. MarkC says:

    I felt that Ron was a friend. I allowed him into my home at times, my car, and more importantly I allowed my children to listen to him. My children, from pre-teen years into the time where they now are serving our country, listened to Ron and always asked questions and marveled at the common sense approach to life that Ron gave them a glimpse of. Ron was a frined, not the traditional type who would walk through the front door, but still a friend. His family will miss him greatly, but so will others of us. God bless you Ron Smith and God bless your wife June.

    1. Media hater says:

      Don’t worry, WBAL will find another fabulist to spew their hatred and lies.

  4. Bill Knarr says:

    Very sad news. God bless him and comfort his family

  5. Sheriff Bernard says:

    I’m sure the liberals are to blame for this somehow.

    1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

      Sick POS.

      1. Proud US citizen says:

        Bernard, I personally have a low opinion of Smith but wouldn’t resort to calling a recently deceased man a POS. You’re a warped sicko.

  6. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    Ron Smith was a well read & well spoken man with great intellect although he never had a college degree. I debated with him on several occasions & always came away with respect even though our political vies differed & our views on gun control.
    My deepest condolences to the Smith family & may Ron RIP for he shall be greatly missed.

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