BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Get ready for another New Year’s Eve Spectacular.

Pat Warren reports the city has found sponsors and has a new plan for the night that includes enhanced security.

Local businesses stepped up to rescue Baltimore’s cash-strapped New Year’s Eve celebration.

“And I’d like to thank everyone for their generous support toward making Baltimore’s New Year’s Eve Spectacular happen,” said Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

Baltimore’s last fireworks event, the 4th of July, has triggered some changes in the way the city will handle crowd control. There was a fight in the middle of thousands of peaceful people trying to enjoy the holiday, as well as a man visiting from Alabama who was stabbed to death and a 4-year-old boy who was shot in the leg.

“You know, after we do every large event, we constantly strive to make it better. Just like we’re adding new additions with the enhanced light show for the fireworks, we’re also trying to enhance security and the flow of traffic,” said Rawlings-Blake.

The Inner Harbor New Year’s event will adopt the fenced-in look of the Grand Prix, with fencing beginning at Rash Field and rounding Pratt Street to Pier 6. There will be 20 entrances early in the day, which will be cut down to nine by late evening.

“We must constantly improve the way we manage large events and we’re creating these access points to help control the flow of traffic to make it a better experience for vehicle traffic, as well as pedestrian traffic,” said Rawlings-Blake.

Police are not commenting on the number of officers that will be on duty.

The New Year’s Eve Spectacular is sponsored by the Baltimore Sun. WJZ is the media sponsor.

Comments (18)
  1. the mechanic says:

    They’re going to limit the number of exits & entrances to the inner harbor in order to have crowd control. This could get real dicey when all the black sista’s & brotha’s start shooting, fighting & stabbing……..Just cancel the fireworks, only a fool or a dumb tourist would go downtown to get mugged.

  2. We're loosing it all says:

    All of these upticks in security now being talked about first at Towson Town Mall due to the killing, now it’s the Inner Harbor. What is the true and sad reality is that Black people in many parts of America and especially true in Maryland and Baltimore in particular is the complete and total breakdown in civility and humanity of these people. Black Hip Hop thug gangster culture has become the norm and blacks between the ages of 15-28 have become especially mean, desrespectful, obnoxious, violent and dangerous. We are now seeing the foul fruit of the teeny black mother epidemic as well as the crack epidemic so prevalent in underclass balck communities. As more and more of these illigitamate black babies are born to unwed underclass balck mothers, those of us in more polite, educated and civilized circles will continue to suffer the consequences as they travel out of their ghettos and into our upscale tourist and shopping areas. Where are the balck leaders to stop all this? Do you hear me NAACP? Pull yourself away from protesting whittey for a simple joke at work about a homeboy and save your people from self-destruction and increased desire to segregate from you.

    1. W74 says:

      I’m glad to see that more and more ordinary Americans are waking up.

      No longer are we a fringe element. These “people” need consequences for their wanton and self-destructive behavior, not subsidization of such as the government is doing at our expense.

      And when they attack us we have to deliver those consequences.



  4. The Truth says:

    Violence is not about color. To state that this is a race-oriented problem is to reveal an ignorance of one’s own issues. Sadly, one can point to any race, and find evidence of violence, hate, and social degradation within its boundaries today. To perceive this problem as being limited to a given class, color, or geographic location is to deny that it exists in one’s own town, and thus adds to the problem, rather than addressing its source.
    Violence is a learned behavior, and is taught by a multitude of sources in our societies, ranging from prime-time television, to the daily repetition of cultural music. The culprit at work is not genetic; rather, it is one of manipulation. Studies show that anger is present within all social circles, and with it, comes the need for a point of focus. The power of suggestion plays a key role in the perceived source at which this anger is directed. Consider the “white” man, who perceives his world as being degraded by minorities who lack social grace and moral upbringing. Consider also, the “black” man, who perceives his world as being controlled by others, with little opportunity for advancement. Each is manipulated to direct his anger towards those that he perceives as responsible for the hopelessness that he feels.
    The real threat to our own happiness, regardless of our race, gender, or social status, is ultimately ourselves, as we literally resemble the shortcomings of others that we choose to hate. Realistically, and for the truly honest individual, there exists no fault in those around us, which is not present to some degree within oneself. It is this deficiency that lures us to look to others to place blame, for it is easier to consider the shortcomings of others than to responsibly acknowledge these shortcomings as principle components of our own personal weaknesses.
    What is, therefore, the answer to the “problem” that we all perceive? I can tell you definitively, that it is not hatred, anger, violence, or contempt. Rather, it is one of personal growth; derived from understanding and addressing one’s shortcomings first and foremost, followed by helping others to achieve a similar victory within themselves. Compassion for those who share our faults, is essential for a real solution to materialize, lest we continue to foster the problem, in lieu of solving it.

  5. Maggie says:

    My family and I went to the Inner Harbor for the July 4th. celebration, never again. I’ve never seen such obnoxious, foul mouthed, arrogant, pushy, people. Gangs roaming about making obscene remarks to young women and girls. Doing everything possible to intimidate people just for fun (I assume). These acts were all from young black teens, both male and female.

  6. keets says:

    One problem is that Blacks are always looking to Whitey & saying I want that, that should be mine with no thought whatsoever about how hard Whitey had to work, graduate school & prove themselves first. No, the gorilla just sees & wants. It’s akin to a child who is oblivious & black low trash are immature children that need to be disciplined.

  7. The Truth says:


    While you make a valid point, Keets, it is unfortunately tarnished by racial perception and mingled with an incomplete understanding of the picture. (And I say this with sincere compassion for your perspective.) To illustrate, I ask that you consider yourself with honest regard, and acknowledge that you long for more than you have; and specifically, more than you have labored to achieve. This is not to say that you have worked for nothing at all, rather, that you long for more than you are willing to labor for. Who amongst us, regardless of skin tone, does not watch the rich and famous, as presented by the various media, and does not allow themselves to imagine driving that red Ferrari, living in that multi million dollar mansion, or being in the spotlight a stage? Indeed, if we are able to view ourselves honestly, it becomes clear that we are but one of all, that dreams in this fashion. Therefore, it is pointless to assign a “color” to the characteristic that is so evidently shared by each of us.
    And lest one should say “I am content with all that I have worked for, and desire nothing more than what I currently possess.” I would suggest that you are cheating yourself of an honest revelation of one’s own character, for the desire to possess more is inherent to our species.
    That said, I agree with your inference that “hard work” when directed toward earning that which we desire, is good. However, I also feel that if you will allow yourself to look at the larger picture, you will see that each of us sets our own limits regarding how much labor we will exert in a given day. Furthermore, this factor is only partially influenced by that which we desire to achieve. Therefore, we all resemble the problem to some degree, and reference to skin tone is but a cloud of mud in a stream of logic. Better that you should increase your level of labor in the pursuit of your own goals, than to sit back and condemn others for not doing the same.

    1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

      Truth, Flowery prose in the end is just that. I live in a real world that while I admit I am biased based on first hand experience & the root cause of blacks is the fractured family existence or lack of. It is easy to look at the world from a texbook, out a window from a passing train & see the decay but when you have seen theis cycle continue to repeat itself generation after generation & with only so many summers & springs in this man’s eys left, I prefer to agree to disagree with your philosophy.

  8. concern citizen says:

    Thank you Truth for your comment. It is a breathe of fresh air to hear someone with common sense post here.

  9. W74 says:

    The Truth,
    I’m going to have to side with Bernard, Maggie and Keets on this one. When I drive through the Greenspring area to avoid beltway traffic on some days I look at the houses and open space and I say “I wonder what they had to do, how many years it took, and how much planning and responsibility it took to EARN that lifestyle?”

    I’m 25, a veteran, I save, I work and go to school on the much deserved GI bill. I am planning on buying a house 50% down this spring and still have plenty of savings left over. The last thing I need is for some wanton thug to come by and take that away from me, to do something harmful to me or to my wife…usually its over a few bucks for them, or just because they live in the here and now.

    What they can’t do is plan for the future OR see the big picture. They are just unable. If they were the same as us and able to do that the majority of them would also work hard, study, save money, and EARN the lifestyles that they would like to live one day.

    So why don’t they? They can’t. Because they live in a “gimmie dat” culture no different than what we lived at the ages of 4 or 5 or 6, which our teachers and parents disciplined us out of. Where it becomes a problem is their natural tendency toward aggression. Slim Dunkin the rapper was killed in Atlanta last week over a candy bar. The kid at Nordstrom (no saint himself) was killed because he had a moment of honesty with the courts. The woman in the elevator in NYC was burnt to death over less than $200. Need we talk about the inverse incentives that the welfare state creates for them?

    To sum it up, it’s simple: They’d rather take the candy bar today than wait for the chocolate factory tomorrow….and they make those types of choices every day of their lives whereas we’d rather be industrious and earn our future by taking the longer high road.

  10. deliverance says:

    W74, Well articulated & provoking, you are wise beyond your years. Good luck & thank you for your service.

  11. The Truth says:

    My doctor is black. He served in the Navy as a field medic. I trust him with my life. He was defending my life and my freedoms long before I met him.
    In all sincerity, Bernard; is it possible that my doctor is not truly black? After all, based on your biased perspective, he is not genetically capable of rising above his origin to provide a positive and productive contribution to society.
    So, which is it? Color, or personal choices?

  12. deliverance says:

    Truth, If you read my posts on the various threads, I never condem all Blacks. I do condem the hip-hop thug gutter culture who only take & steal what is not give to them. Exercise your brain & eyes before you come on here attacking ok?

  13. The Truth says:

    I too, condemn the thug culture that is self-serving to the point of harm to others. Thus, we are in agreement on this point.
    I cannot, however, subscribe to the theory that “race” is to blame. Every individual has the power to choose his/her actions, in a physical manifestation of our thought processes. Are we still in agreement?
    Allow me to ask you, then, why are there whites, blacks, indians, chinese, japanese, middle easterners (need I continue the list?) that are responsible for the same crimes against humanity, that you attribute primarily to the black culture? I mean no disrespect by my question.
    Is it possible that the problem, while viewed most often as a racial issue, is more a problem with poor personal choices? Is it also possible that we are all capable of making poor choices, regardless of our ethnic background?
    I am, in no way, saying that blacks are not a “part” of the picture, rather, I am suggesting that the picture is larger than some percieve. Large enough perhaps, to include all races, and that upbringing, cultural influences, and ultimately personal choices are the major components of social degradation in our country and others. Mislabeling the problem as “racial” serves to compound the problem, as opposed to correctly identifying and solving it.

    1. deliverance says:

      Truth, All cultures commit heinous crimes. My problem is that Blacks disproportionally commit more given their numbers. Whites which make up the vast majority of America comit less than the urban blacks. I can only deduct that the void in their lives because of a complete breakdown in family & family values is to blame or that they may genetically have a low moral fiber much as N.Europeans have blue eyes blonde or light hair. The debate continues but one thing is that you don’t see white 13 15 yr olds having babies as their black counterparts.

  14. W74 says:

    The Truth,
    I’m not against the top 5% or 10% or whatever it is that work hard and truly earn their way based on MERIT. If they’re honest, and good at their profession then they have respect in my book.

    It’s not about race…but then again it is. That’s what so hard to differentiate, but the stats don’t lie. If data is collected properly then the statistics will show the reality as it exists on the ground, and unfortunately whether you’re looking at just raw numbers or at decayed buildings in most of Baltimore’s neighborhoods you get the same reality.

    The lie perpetrated upon us is the misinterpretation of statistics by politicians and the media and those promoting the egalitarian mantra. As well intentioned as these folks may be (I don’t think that the elites are, but your average young liberal probably is well-intentioned) they’re still wrong and society needs to stop blaming honest, hard working Americans who earned their lifestyles due to their own merit including: skills, intelligence, dedication, frugality, honesty and integrity.

    The powers that be need to stop blaming people who EARNED their lifestyles based on merit for the Failings of others who CHOSE to not engage in the same productive behaviors.

    [Does CBS have problems with posting? I’m having all kinds of trouble. I write well thought out posts and they just don’t seem to show up 5 times out of 10. I have to backspace but they tell me it’s already been posted. What gives?]

  15. Steve Wilson says:

    “the mechanic” makes a good point. Just wait until the inevitable “incident” and/or violence happens, and all those innocent bystanders are trapped in the fenced-in area. I foresee lots of lawsuits against the City. Whose dumb idea is this?

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