TSA Finds Daggers Hidden In Book At Reagan Airport

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Transportation Security Administration says officers found two throwing daggers hidden in a hollowed-out book at a checkpoint at Reagan-Washington National Airport.

A TSA spokesman says a passenger was stopped Monday when officers found the hidden daggers in the passenger’s carry-on bag. The daggers, which measured just over half a foot long, were hidden in the hard-cover book.

The passenger, who was flying to Chicago, surrendered the knives and book.

The TSA has the authority to fine passengers who bring deadly weapons into the airport checkpoint. It was not known if this was done in this case.

A spokesman for the airport did not immediately return a call for comment.

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  • frank coffee

    Why would they even release this nit-wit,let alone let him get on another flight ?

  • SallyG

    And once again we are reminded WHY passengers are subjected to searches. Passengers cry bloody murder when they have to endure the inconvenience of a search, but if this guy had gotten through with his knives, who knows WHAT would have happened. Then, they would have been screaming that the TSA was not doing their job!! Passengers want the convenience of the old days of flight with no searches, etc…..but they also want anyone who tries to bring weapons on board caught. Maybe the TSA should hire psychics….no searches, but they will “know” when someone has a weapon!!!

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