ELLICOTT CITY, Md. (WJZ)– Stealing Christmas right off your front porch! Police say a holiday thief may be targeting your presents.

Meghan McCorkell has more on how police plan to stop her holiday heist.

That woman was seen following a delivery truck and stealing packages right from the front of homes. But now, she’s hit the wrong house.

Police say this woman is a holiday Grinch, pinching Christmas packages right off people’s front porch. She struck at a home here along Weston Drive in Ellicott City.

What she didn’t know, this house is armed with one, two, three, four security cameras that caught her holiday heist.

The security cameras show the delivery truck dropping off a package. Just over an hour later, a blue sedan pulls up, a woman gets out of the passenger’s side, steals the package from the front porch, throwing it in the trunk of the car and driving away.

“I don’t know what to think,” neighbor Satya Chalasani said. “I’ve never heard of any crime activities in this area.”

Neighbors are now keeping a close eye on what’s delivered to their homes.

“I told the kids to look out for packages and make sure that they grabbed them as soon as they saw them so that none of our stuff was taken,” Sally Seen, another neighbor, said.

Police now warning neighbors to be on the lookout for suspicious people or cars in their community.

They also want to know if any of your packages were stolen.

“Make an effort to look around their residence,” Sherry Llewellyn, spokeswoman for the Howard County Police Department said. “Police look at back doors and side doors and make sure that the package isn’t really there. Then check with the company that’s delivering it and if it’s not been received but was delivered, they should call the police.”

Police believe this woman may have hit more homes. Now, they want to stop her from stealing the holidays from more people.

Police have also put out the warning to delivery truck drivers to be aware if anyone seems to following your truck.

Anyone who recognizes that female suspect is asked to call Howard County Police.

Comments (5)
  1. SanFordNSon says:

    when the police catch this HOG put her in jail and charge her with a few felonys

    1. A Baltimore City Cop Lover says:

      This type of thing burns me up!! I HATE when ANYONE thinks they have the right to steal anything that does not belong to them! Who gives them the right to take something that someone worked hard to obtain? Or, even if the person didn’t work hard and had it handed to them on a silver platter, the fact is that it’s THEIRS NOT YOURS and keep your grubby, thieving little hands off of it!

      Depending on the value of all total items that they discover that she stole, she just MIGHT end up in jail for a felony. This is horrendous and I hate to see people’s Christmas negatively impacted because of selfish thieves like her!!

  2. crazy! says:

    This is why you don’t steal from people in rich neighborhoods. They can afford 4 security cameras to make sure trash like you don’t mess with them.

  3. deliverance says:

    Fat fuc ton of lard. She will also go to toy drop offs & cry poor mouth. White trash.

  4. ricky palabon says:

    People think that if you live in any of the nice area’s crime don’t happen, It doesn’t matter if it’s the city or county crime is out there!

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