3 Teens Burned In Backyard Bonfire Explosion In Rosedale

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teens burned
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ROSEDALE, Md. (WJZ)– A small campfire ends in an explosion in Baltimore County sending three teenagers to the hospital with some serious burns.

Meghan McCorkell explains what caused the accident.

The three teenagers were engulfed in a fireball when one of them poured gasoline on a backyard fire.

Fire officials say the teenagers were in the backyard of the home along Shady Spring Ave.

“They were sitting around talking and they having a nice, enjoyable evening,” said Capt. Ross Cooke of the Baltimore County Fire Department.

The teens used twigs and branches to start a bonfire in a fire pit. When it didn’t light, one of them took a five gallon canister of gasoline and poured it on the fire.

“They dumped it on the fire and when that happened, the vapors exploded and it engulfed all three of them in flames,” Cooke said.

The father of one of the teens ran out into the yard to help. The teens were rushed to Johns Hopkins Bayview. One 17-year-old girl had burns over half of her body.

Neighbors in the Rosedale community tell WJZ they are shocked and saddened by this tragic accident.

“It’s a surprise, basically, and sorrow for that kid that got hurt,” neighbor Joe Moizak said. “I guess anybody could get hurt, let alone a teenager.”

“My grandson knows her, the little girl,” neighbor Regina Moizak said. “It’s really sad.”

Another 17-year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy were also injured. They are expected to recover.

Fire officials say it was the quick action by the father inside the house that prevented the situation from getting any worse.

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