Looks like it will be rather cloudy for the balance of the day. Most of the stuff on radar out to the west is not reaching the ground and will lift to the northeast. Some areas around northern Baltimore, Frederick and Carroll counties will see flurries and showers at some point. The best chance will be Friday night and it would be brief and spotty. Certainly looking like it gets a lot colder early near week.

Wind gusts Wednesday afternoon were mostly in the 30-40 mph range, but at least the sun was out most of the time in the wake of Tuesday’s soaking rain. We expect sunshine early to begin fading behind increasing clouds Thursday afternoon as a warm front currently located in the Midwest starts to press eastward.

We do expect a weak wave of low pressure to waste no time sliding across Michigan and into the Northeast Friday. By and large, all of the precipitation associated with this feature will be distributed across areas well to the north of Baltimore.

However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be some clouds seen, especially late Thursday and Friday morning as the milder air arrives. We should climb well into the 50s Friday afternoon, and should be no lower than 50 or 51 on Saturday with a southwesterly wind pumping in some unseasonably mild air.

New Year’s Day will also be quite mild, but we will be “paying the piper” for this mild pattern next week. A surge of much colder, arctic air should arrive late on Monday or Monday night and it will be holding us under its firm grip next Tuesday and Wednesday.

While it seems more and more apparent now that there won’t be any kind of snowstorm in the Eastern Region (areas of low pressure should form well out over the open waters of the Atlantic on Monday night or Tuesday), we won’t be missing out on some noticeably colder air.

Have a good day!


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