The cold air has arrived, and it has come with a blast.

Monday’s cold front has come and gone, leaving us connected to the Arctic and the Great Lakes. The Arctic is dumping the cold air our way with highs barely getting to freezing Tuesday afternoon. As the wind dies down Tuesday night, so will the temperatures. Most of the metro area will drop into the teens, while western Maryland will get to the single digits.

This weather pattern has also left us connected to the Lakes. With the cold air going over the relatively warmer lakes, there is an enhancement of snow showers. They are moving through in squalls. So if you are under one of these, you will get a quick burst of snow before it moves on. Since temperatures are below freezing, snow is laying on the ground in some areas. That is what caused some of the traffic issues in Baltimore County Tuesday evening. These snow showers are dying down with the sun now down. In western Maryland, it was a different storm with lake-effect snow piling nearly a foot of snow on the ground along some of the western facing slopes – including around Wisp.

We lose that northern connection with both the Arctic and the Lakes Wednesday as a new front skirts by. It doesn’t have much moisture with it. There will be some clouds and possibly a few snow showers, otherwise, it will just keep the cold air around for another day. Temperatures will start to climb again on Thursday with more sunshine breaking through. Then, we jump back up to the 50s at the end of the week as yet another storm moves our way. There could be a few rain showers with it on Saturday, then a better chance for rain and possibly western Maryland snow Sunday into Monday.

The overall weather pattern is trending toward colder with the chance for more storms as we move through the next two weeks.


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