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By Mike Schuh

TOWSON, Md. (WJZ)– Now that kids are back in school after the holiday break, bus drivers report more motorists ignoring their stop signs and flashing lights.

As Mike Schuh reports, police are stepping in.

When driver Joe Bryant heads out in his school bus, he’s certain a scene captured on YouTube will play out–a motorist ignoring, and driving around, the stop sign and flashing lights.

“So it’s just about every day you can see this, with me and other buses driving along,” Bryant said.

This happens so often, he simply doesn’t trust motorists. One day, in his mirror, Bryant saw a car passing on the right.

“Yes, I literally have had to grab a kid by his coat,” he said.

Besides the obvious safety implications of ignoring the stop sign, it could cost you your license and a lot of money– three points and up to $600.

“This is something we do as a rolling enforcement situation,” Det. Cathy Batton of the Baltimore County Police Department said.

In other words, police are stepping up their enforcement.

“Our officers, our details are in marked police cars and they still witness motorists passing these school buses,” Batton said.

As for Bryant, you don’t have to remind him what’s at stake.

“Once these kids get on my bus these are my kids,” he said.

Baltimore County Police won’t say when they’ll end their enforcement efforts. So far, they’ve written nearly 300 tickets in the past 12 months.

Comments (2)
  1. April Hough says:

    Their “enforcement” isn’t going to stop idiots from doing this..I am a witness to this as every morning or afternoon sometimes both…They would run the stop sign…I started running out in the road or throwing toys…when they would stop I always got the “I didn’t see the HUGE yellow bus with the big red flashing stop sign!

  2. brenda says:

    I wish Mike Shue would come to my sons bus stop and witness all the violators…….I’ve contacted BALT COUNTY POLICE and nothing was done……3 buses stop 2times a day,……at least 3-4 cars pass each time…..that’s alot of revenue for our state if the police would just do something! SEND POLICE TO MY BUS STOP MIKE SHUE….PLEASE!!!!!!

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