WALKERSVILLE, Md. (AP) — Frederick County public school officials are investigating how a 5-year-old girl ended up asleep and alone on a school bus instead of at Glade Elementary School in Walkersville.

Spokeswoman Marita Loose told The Frederick News-Post on Wednesday that the bus driver failed to check the bus after his last stop to make sure it was empty.

The girl’s mother says she learned of the incident from her daughter late Tuesday afternoon.

Kiki Myers says Kemiyah told her she awoke in the parked bus outside the driver’s home early Tuesday afternoon. The girl said she went to the house and asked the driver to take her to school.

Loose says the driver then drove Kemiyah to school, where she arrived 35-45 minutes late for her 1 p.m. pre-kindergarten class.

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  1. MsPhillyG says:

    This is just crazy!!!! Who does this?? Didn’t something similar to this just happen last year. What is wrong with these irresponsible bus drivers, how hard is it to check the bus?? Wow this person must not want their job. Thank goodness the lil girl was Ok and she woke up at the house of the driver and not somewhere else.

  2. Nicole says:

    I think the better question is: Why is this child failing into such a deep sleep at this time of the day. If parents make sure their Kids are going to bed at night rather then being up watching television or whatever else then maybe they can function during the day

    1. Claire says:

      Oh, of course, the parents of a sleepy child must be permitting their child to stay up all night watching television. There’s no other possible reason for the child to be sleepy. What a ridiculous comment! Do you get a perfect night of sleep every night? Not everyone does, including children. There can be many reasons why a child may fall asleep in a moving vehicle during the daytime. There are even 5 year olds who still take naps (notice she was in pre-school, not kindergarten, so she must be a young 5). If the girl falling asleep on the bus happened regularly, the bus driver would probably be in the habit of checking the bus regularly, which she should be doing anyway. The bus driver was irresponsible, not the child’s parents.

  3. Sharon says:

    Most small children fall asleep in their parents car so why is it you think that it can’t happen on a school bus…duh ! That doesn’t make the parents irresponsible. The bus driver should routinely check the bus after dropping off the children. That’s their job.

  4. SamminHarry Lowman says:

    yep thats what we payem for

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