By Mike Schuh

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– A terrifying crime in Bolton Hill. Two men rob a victim at gunpoint, force their way inside his home, then abduct him.

Mike Schuh has more as police try to hunt down these dangerous robbers.

WJZ spoke with the victim Thursday night and he is still terrified. Last Friday, he was kidnapped at gunpoint outside his home. For an hour he was driven around, fearing for his life.

Just before 7 p.m., the 45-year-old victim got out of his car parked in front of his Jordan Street home. That’s when two men approached him at gunpoint. They stole his phone, forced their way inside his home and went room to room looking for cash.

They even tried to pry his TV off the wall. Then, they dragged him outside and forced him back into his car– a grey Infiniti SUV.

They drove him to an ATM machine and tried to force him to use his card to take money out.

They went to two more ATMs where one surveillance camera captured pictures of the two men.

“They indicated they had done this before and if he cooperated he would not be harmed,” Anthony Guglielmi, spokesman for the Baltimore City Police Department.

The robbers left the man in West Baltimore and took his car.

The bold crime has Bolton Hill on edge.

“It doesn’t happen frequently,” said one the victim’s neighbors, Alex Zhikulin. “But it’s definitely jarring.”

Monty Howard with the Bolton Square Homeowners Association says neighbors are mad police didn’t publicize the crime until now.

He says an officer who attended a community meeting this week didn’t even know it happened.

“We don’t know where the system broke down,” Howard said. “But something fell through the cracks and unfortunately, it’s a big deal.”

With the two men still on the loose, he says it can’t happen again.

Bolton Square plans to install more lighting and a new security camera system.

Investigators say the two robbers are both in their early 20s. One of them answers to the names “Jerome” or “Bootsie.” If you have information about their identity, please call police.

Comments (13)
  1. Ex-Baltimore says:

    While I heard on ABC news how police departments want to start banning all semi-auto guns–including rifles and handguns–what are defenseless citizens supposed to protect ourselves with? Police actually tell people to cooperate with the robbers and do everything they want. Does this also include having your wife or child raped in front of you as well? Should we also be passive and allow savage serial killer to cut off body parts as well? We are loosing the battle on criminals because the system is overwhelmed and the police are cutting back their budgets and leaving us to fend for ourselves. However, if we were in the state of Florida, we could easily shoot and kill attackers likes these with no worry about prosecution. I truly support a National Right to Kill your attacker law. As things continue to worsen as our once fine econmy slips away, more and more crimes like this will occur and Maryland will have voters more in favor of right to carry laws. Enough is enough. My mother moved us out of Baltimore in 1982 due to the horrible crime in Baltimore even 30 years ago.

    1. Jonathan Francis says:


    2. 40+ in Baltimore says:

      The problem is with all the innocent dead people shot because of an overly fearful person suspecting any and all people nearby as threats. Really check out life in the “old west” and see just how many people died for no reason because everyone was armed.

      1. Wiseguy says:

        Instead of spending countless thousands of dollars on housing criminals and clogging up the court systems,cameras on street corners,etc,etc…. the list is endless.

        Unlike the wild west…….Use those funds to train and arm citizens to protect themselves properly.

    3. Meeee says:

      We can still enact vigilante justice, use the stop snitching in a good way, like not knowing who rubbed out these bad people. I don’t think anyone will miss them. If I witnessed someone kill a bad person such as these losers I would deny deny deny, ” I sneezed so I don’t know what happened” Simple as that, we can take our streets back without going to jail for it… It takes a village…

    4. Jack Pollack says:

      Stay Ex, cowboy.

  2. MAD ABOUT CRIME says:

    Residents of Bolton Hill, ” ARM THYSELF” is my motto. I live in East Baltimore and I rely on ME to PROTECT ME AND MY FAMILY at any cost.

  3. Me says:

    Baltimore residents- My grandparents had their home invaded and were robbed at gunpoint. This happened on the SAME day, only a few hours before, 20 minutes away from where this poor man was assaulted. I’ll bet it’s the same guys. They stayed in my grandparent’s house for 2 hours. I’m furious at the idea that they got the chance to do this more than once. I wanted to let all of you know about this because like the one we’re reading about now, this was also not made public!

    1. Me says:

      Revision: It actually happened one day before. Did anyone hear about this?

  4. MD DAD says:

    Same old stuff which happens everyday in Balto. The only thing different is that it’s a New Year.

  5. MsPhillyG says:

    Eduardo, I notice you and your racist comments always seem to appear when something is said about black people. You need to really adjust your attitude because we are sick of your nasty stinking racist comments. I hope your mother is proud of the disgusting racist monkey she raised. Ignorant POS!!!

  6. MsPhillyG says:

    Wow….do you kiss your mom and kids with that filthy disgusting vulgar mouth. Your parents must really be proud of the vile disgusting POS garbage mouth puke of a child they bought into this world. You need to be banish to the deep depths of hell quickly as possible before your disgraceful hatred rubs off on the decent human beings around you. We really feel bad for people like you. You are sad and filthy and lonely and you need to stay alone to wallow in your own filth and disgust. Pathetic loser!!!!

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