MIDDLETOWN, Md. (WJZ) — An unthinkable crime in a Maryland backyard– a golden retriever puppy shot dead. The family she belongs to thinks this is no accident.

Kai Jackson has more on the disturbing crime.

The owner of the puppy is absolutely heartbroken while authorities look for the suspect.

An adorable 7-month-old puppy named Heidi was being raised by Lynette Kaufmann. She takes in abandoned retrievers and cares for them.

The Frederick County woman was horrified Wednesday when the pup went missing, and was later found shot to death.

“She was a character,” Kaufmann said. “She probably had more character than any other dog I’ve ever had.”

Apparently, a neighbor found the dog.

It happened near Middletown, just 10 miles west of Frederick. And according to county animal control, the dog was shot three times between 9:30 a.m. and 1 p.m.

“We’re hoping that we get information that someone saw suspicious activity, that somebody heard shots fired,” Harold Domer, director of Frederick County Animal Control, said.

It’s unclear who’s responsible but police say there is a trail they’re following.

“They have to be sick,” Kaufmann said. “I mean, you just don’t shoot a little baby dog.”

Police say they have two credible leads. Kaufmann said all of her dogs are well-behaved and she has not had any problems with her neighbors.

Anyone with information about the puppy’s shooting is asked to call Frederick County Animal Control at (301) 600-1546.

Comments (25)
  1. Jonathan Francis says:

    Puppy Murderer should be shot too

  2. K. Richard says:

    God bless Heidi’s soul and may the law’s allow 3 shots to be given to this source of evil.

  3. Roy P. says:

    My heart goes out to the Kaufmann’s, I wept at this newscast.
    For the murderer, Karma is out there.

  4. KottaMan says:

    Another example of a worthless human being.

  5. Stephanie Dobbins Rameika says:

    This is why you don’t let your animals outside unattended. Not that I condone what happened at all, but the fact of the matter is, there are sick people out there. And the fact that she said she could understand if she had been hit by a car….how wrong is that???? What is wrong with people. Animals don’t know to look for cars before crossing the road, to stay out of other people’s yards when they are chasing the fluffy bunny, or not get into people’s trashcans when there is something in there that smells really yummy to them. Our job as pet owners is to protect our pets from dangers, not allow them to run loose and risk their lives. That is part of the whole reason there are leash laws in this state and so many others!!!!

    1. Abelle says:

      SDR-you do realize you’re talking about a prof rescue worker who had a private property , fence etc. I’m on North Ave. and I see alot worse -You’re just stalking to mouth off because you have an ego problem , and you need to address it and your need to bully on line. .

    2. Amanda says:

      there was a lady who went in2 a store, left her dog outside. free standing. no leash, not tied to anything. thank god the worst thing that happened was when someone came out, the dog went into the store. i found the lady & i gave her a piece of my mind. i couldn’t believe what she had done. what could have happened to that dog. i love dogs & animals more than anything. i’m looking out for their best interest.,i can’t believe people can be that careless and cruel.

    3. Paula says:

      Lynette lives on a 57 acre fenced in farm where she rescues many golden retrievers and other farm animals…. i don’t know about you, but i would have felt my golden was pretty damn safe on my property. she has raised goldens for years… this is the 1st and God-willing the last time something so tragic occurs there. We are not talking about her living in a more urban setting and letting her puppy run a busy street unleashed and unattended. the person responsible is the sicko evil trespasser who shot poor heidi.

    4. Deborah A. says:

      Where do you get off being so self-righteous to turn the blame on Lynette? I have been to her home. Obviously you jump to criticize and blame before your mind can comprehend the entire story. The Kauffmans live on a 57 ACER FARM. This is THEIR PRIVATE FENCED IN PROPERTY. The Kauffman’s have rescued so many animals besides golden retrievers. There is a donkey and pot belly pig for starters. Would you prefer these animals be chained so they don’t get away? Maybe you might understand this scenario. Let me simplify this for you. What if it was a cow in a farmer’s field and someone trespassed onto their property. What if someone trespassed into a zoo and shot an animal. Gee, where were the zookeepers???? Honestly, you are ridiculous. If this is such a concern you might want to VOLUNTEER to sit on watch for her rescued animals. Do you realize this woman is living in fear? How dare you attack a decent human that is simply taking in animals that have been discarded.

      1. Brenda Conrad says:

        Thats right you tell that Ego maniac !!! The lady is already crying and upset and that woman acts like she wants to rub salt in her wounds. People should no what the hell they are talking about before they run there keyboards.

  6. someguy123 says:

    Piece of ****…. whoever did this should be tied to a tree and take 3 in the head

  7. Kris says:

    Awful just awful; this world becomes more scary to me everyday. Animal or human it doesn’t seem that life is worth anything to some anymore. Heidi you were loved you are loved and you will be missed. Who ever you are you should be ashamed and shaking in your shoes because if the law doesn’t catch you; God Almighty will !!! I hope you are found and dealt with JUSTICE FOR HEIDI

  8. RustysChaos says:

    And this proves what? Who wouldn’t look forward to a puppy licking their face after a bad day at work. I know what God does to people like you. He burns them.

  9. Laurel says:

    what a POS….if YOU are READING this…YOU are a WIMP….picking on a puppy…WIMP, WIMP, WIMP….you will get yours down the road.

  10. Dan says:

    Two More Dogs Dead

    1. Dan says:

      That is the word ..near where Heidi was killed. Keep the story going so that the Killer(s) can be found.

  11. G Modlin says:

    I think they should have much tougher penallties for abuse and cruelty to animals. What kind of vicious thing would hurt or kill and innocent aminal who isnt trying to hurt anyone??? The shooter should be shot.

  12. Liberal Soldier says:

    Could receive animal cruelty charges? Why would he not?

  13. Concern says:

    Charity Search Engines
    Charity Navigator can help.

  14. MsPhillyG says:

    Omgosh….this just breaks my heart…who could hurt such a beautiful little girl She probably went up to them with her beautiful little face and licked their disgusting hands. Wow…so much love for her and we didn’t get a chance to meet this little beauty. I hope and pray they find this vile creature and they need to prosecute them. There really should be so stricter penalties for animal abuse and killing. So sad. RIP lil princess……they have welcomed you over Rainbow bridge,

  15. eduardo says:

    Too many effin dogs in the country as it is anyway which in the hands of sickos becomes a real problem of abuse. Everybody wants a puppy but puppies grow up & need care. They are abused & defenseless therefore we should control their reproduction very carefully & screen prospective owners much like adoption.

  16. Lisa says:

    Sounds like the making of a serial killer. I don’t understand why there are such sick people in this world. I think the same thing should be done to whoever murdered this little baby. This is unforgivable.

  17. Lisa says:

    Have they gotten any leads on who did this yet?

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