LAUREL, Md. (WJZ)– A Laurel man is gunned down outside his own home in Anne Arundel County’s first murder of the year, and his killers are still on the loose.

Weijia Jiang has the latest from police and a heartbroken neighborhood.

Neighbors are stunned– crime is rare in the area, let alone something so violent.

Gregory Sears, 36, often talked with neighbors about how excited he was to become a father. They say his wife is due to give birth to their first baby in a couple of weeks.

But just before 2:30 a.m. Saturday, Sears was gunned down right outside his home on the 8000-block of Ians Alley in Laurel.

“We moved in at the same time in 2004. He and his wife Sarah are a really nice couple. He’s a great guy,” said Andy Talbert, who lives a couple of doors away from the Sears’.

Police say two men wearing masks approached Sears, who was in the driveway.

Police believe the suspects were trying to rob Sears when it turned into a deadly attack. At this point, they don’t know if the men knew Sears or if they followed him home.

“Our bedroom is right there on the back and this is where it happened,” Shannon Howard, a neighbor, said. “We woke up, scared to know what’s going on.”

Howard, her husband, and three children live right across the alley from Sears’. The gunshots jolted them awake in more ways than one.

“Our kids play outside daily,” Anthony Howard said. “To know something like that happened in your neighborhood is definitely disturbing or uncomfortable.”

As families try to regain a sense of peace, Sears’ loved ones try to make sense of the violence. A makeshift memorial is growing in the very spot he was killed and robbed of his life.

Meanwhile, police are still looking for a killer.

Metro Crime Stoppers are passing out flyers offering $2,000 for good information.

Police have no suspects right now. They’re saturating the neighborhood with extra patrols as the investigation continues.

Funeral arrangements for Sears have not been finalized.

Comments (5)
  1. C. Scott says:

    Wow! Maryland’s tought anti-gun laws at their best! Man I feel so safe here. Refuseal to issue concealed carry permits is really protecting us from being shot. Thats you Maryland Democrats. This dead man is thanking you from his grave as well. Job well done keeping us all safe from guns. Outstanding!

  2. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    Scott, So I presume you think more guns in circulation is the answer to less killing?

  3. Sam says:

    There are no instances where disarming a population has reduced violent crime.

  4. C. Scott says:

    I feel that easier and assured CCL permits will greatly reduce armed robberies as the criminals will not know what person they are attempting to rob has a gun of their own. It was proven that carjackings dropped dramatically in the state of Florida when their castle doctrin law was passed to include a 20 foot “bubble” around all citizens who feel a violent assault is about to occur. And no, their has been no epidemic of crazed and armed citizens blowing away innocent people. Only qualified non-criminals are given CCL and they are very quickly taken away with misuse or DUI charges. All humans are born with an instinct and right to protect themselves–with anything on hand. Guns included! It’s the stupid laws of ultra-liberals that make life so easy for criminals. Hard working non-criminal tax payors just don’t have a chance. It’s part of the war on the 99% middle class that we have to pay the price of violent criminals. Millionaires in this state are given almost certain access to CCL permits over anyone else. All doctors, lawyers, jewelers and bankers are given CCL permits in the state of Maryland. This is the truth!!!

  5. whatnow says:

    I’m glad that young mom was able to kill one of the intruders that broke into her house which also made the other intruder run away. She had a right to protect herself and her baby. If all the guns are taken from law abiding citizens and only the criminals have them, there will be total anarchy (it only feels like total anarchy now, but it can get much, much worse).

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