BALTIMORE (WJZ)—From R&B hits to gospel sensation, Shirley Murdock performed this weekend with the National Symphony Orchestra in Washington, D.C. — but not before speaking with WJZ.

Monique Griego has more.

Shirley Murdock has been belting out beautiful music for more than 25 years.

“Music has the power to make you feel something. It sets the atmosphere,” she said.

After years of singing R & B hits, Murdock switched her focus to gospel. And this weekend for the first time, her powerful voice was joined by the National Symphony Orchestra in Washington, D.C.

“As an artist to be able to come to the nation’s capital and to be able to sing with the symphony orchestra is really magnificent,” she said.

Murdock was part of the NSO’s “Mighty Stream” production in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

“It’s to commemorate the Civil Rights Movement. It’s through song and through music, and I’m just fortunate to be a part of it,” Murdock said.

She also didn’t mind getting the chance to visit Charm City.

“I’ve met a lot of beautiful people here in Baltimore, and you got the Ravens,” Murdock said with a laugh.

Murdock is also breaking ground on another project: her first live CD-DVD. On “The Journey,” she collaborates with several other singers for a unique live show.

“You get an opportunity to experience the magic of that night, what we experienced that night,” she said.

And while this latest CD holds special meaning, Murdock’s journey is far from over.

Murdock says her next goal is to perform on Broadway and do more work in films.


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