The NFL should have stepped in and told the Patriots that they can hire Josh McDaniels to be their new offensive coordinator…when the Patriots season ends.

This is ridiculous that McDaniels can go from the Rams staff to the Patriots staff in the playoffs. A player could never do that; go from one team to another after the season ends. This should have the Ravens upset. I’m not sure how much McDaniels can help the Patriots, but he coached Tebow for a year. He knows what Tebow can’t do, he knows what makes Tebow uncomfortable. This is info that could benefit the Patriots in beating the Broncos.

Look, I think the Patriots will win either way, but this should never have been allowed to happen. My guess is just like the snowplow rule, and Brady’s tuck rule, this will be another NFL courtesy extended towards the Patriots.

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  1. Ray Gassert says:

    Man, it’s a reach to speak of the snowplow game, which was 30 years ago, and the Tuck Rule; which was an EXISTING rule and was applied CORRECTLY in the Raiders game. The notion that it is a bad rule is completely irrelevant to your barb.

    Is it a loophole? Sure. But Baltimore could find a fired Texans coach if they wanted to. WHo’s stopping you? Complain about this is you tried to do it and were told it was against the rules, then NE did it and the league ok’d it. But to complain about this in this forum is poor form.

  2. Brenton MacAloney II says:

    “He knows what Tebow can’t do, he knows what makes Tebow uncomfortable.” Really Steve? I highly doubt the Patriots need McDaniels to tell them what makes Tebow uncomfortable. They seemed to have no problem figuring that out without him in Week 15 when they took Tebow to the woodshed and exposed him to the rest of the NFL. And why exactly should the Ravens be upset about this? I could see the Broncos being upset, but not the Ravens.

  3. Lance says:

    You say this shouldn’t have been allowed to happen… but why? What rule would prevent it. Sounds like whining to me. I doubt the Ravens players care. Games are won on the field.

  4. Keith Burkhart says:

    It seems like the Pats are so desperate these days to win a playoff game….reminds me of the Democrats in a small way. Heck they are in the Northeast….LOL

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