The title of this blog may be catchy but it’s also the stone cold truth and it has nothing to do with money. Let’s start with the health of the team.

Marshal Yanda had a chance to rest his rib injury but more importantly his calf surgery that we just found out about. Yanda played with stitches along his right calf in the final game of the season after having his calf muscle split by doctors to relieve pressure in the right guards leg. The stitches are out and the ribs are much better, that means trouble to the Texans D. Concussions are not an issue for Zibby, Jimmy Smith or Ellerbe which means depth aka wealth… Include a healthy Anquan Boldin and it’s just another layer of talent.

As far as the wise part goes this is the fourth consecutive season in the postseason, the pressure and stage is nothing new for this Baltimore bunch who host at home this year. Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Ngata and Suggs aren’t just names on a piece of paper, they are rested all world players that are going to use the knowledge they’ve accumulated over the years to disrupt rookie QB TJ Yates. While the Texans have a stout D and fantastic running attack it’s hard for me to figure a way Yates one ups arguably the smartest defense in the league.



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