WASHINGTON (AP) — Pepco is warning its customers about a scam in which callers are told to buy a credit card to pay a utility bill.

Pepco says 22 customers have reported the scam. Callers claiming to represent Pepco tell customers that their electricity is about to be shut off. The callers say customers should pay by purchasing a “green dot” credit card.

The customers are told to call another number where information is obtained and the money owed is taken from the card.

Pepco says it has notified officials of the scam and urges anyone who gets such a call to tell local authorities.

The utility reminds customers that Pepco customer service representatives will be able to give the name on the account, the account address and the past due balance.

(Copyright 2012 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

  1. jailer1985 says:

    a fool and their money soon parted, how many times does this get talked about and people still fall for the same old line?? How stupid can some people be if you are called and say they are going to turn off your service, you already know this way in advance, and if your paid up to date you know it’s a scam

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