By Pat Warren

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — A legislative push to end the death penalty in Maryland gains support.

Death penalty protesters rallied outside the State House Monday, but as political reporter Pat Warren reports, the General Assembly has consistently resisted repeal.

A demonstration outside the State House in Annapolis Monday is a preview of what may be to come as the September execution of Georgia death row inmate Troy Davis fuels the fire of Maryland death penalty protesters. His sister Kim joined a rally in Annapolis.

“We can’t continue to kill innocent people,” she said.

Davis was executed for murder despite evidence that pointed to another shooter. It’s a situation former Maryland death row inmate Kurt Bloodsworth takes to heart.

“You need to get up, sit up, hold your head up and never give up. Even when it gets rough, you get tough. Stop the death penalty now,” he said.

In years past, Governor Martin O’Malley has marched in protest of the death penalty, testified in support of repeal and accepted a commission’s findings that the death penalty should be outlawed in the state. But supporters of capital punishment have held their ground.

“I don’t even like to call it capital punishment and I certainly don’t like to call it the death penalty. What I like to call it is capital justice,” said Delegate Pat McDonough.

The General Assembly modified the rules to require photographic evidence or taped confessions in order for cases to qualify for the death penalty.

It’s not clear yet what role the governor might play in this year’s death penalty debate.

Executions have been suspended in Maryland while the state works out procedural requirements for administering lethal injections.

Comments (9)
  1. gorillaman says:

    The majority of the convicts are black, Blacks are the ones committing the crimes. Execute the criminals no matter the color & you liberals STFU. How about if it was your daughter or son?

    1. Liberal Soldier says:

      Keep the death penalty as an option.

  2. MJH says:

    Where is all this protesting when someone innocent is killed because the thugs are poor shots. Where are these protestors when the elderly person is killed during a robbery. Where is the protestting when the inocent child is gunned down on thier front steps. Stop with the innocent people in jail bull. Just execute the people on death row fast and be done with it. Convicted on Monday executed by Friday that is the way it should happen and do it publicly. Show everyone what happens when you kill and are convicted.

    1. inmy_opinion says:

      MJH I completely agree with you 100%. Unfortunately, we are probably the only ones that think alike.

  3. BawlamerMerlin says:

    Death penalty opponents should be willing to let the criminals move in with them, you know, to show that the criminals are not dangerous.

  4. Tom says:

    ““We can’t continue to kill innocent people,” she said.” I hope this is about putting in an express lane for those convicted with out tax dollars.

  5. Diane King says:

    ““We can’t continue to kill innocent people,” she said.”
    I couldn’t agree more. That’s why we need to wipe people convicted of 1st degree murder off the face of the earth and do it quickly and without mercy.

  6. Support the DEATH PENALTY says:

    MJH , I agree with you more than 100%. To all those who oppose the death penallty, I ask how would you feel in someone MURDERED your loved one and that individual is still alive, breathing GOD’s AIR.? In addition, your TAX DOLLARS ARE PAYING FOR HIM OR HER TO STAY IN JAIL or ON DEATH ROW. I say, SWIFT JUSTICE SHOULD PREVAIL. CONVICT AND EXECUTE PROMPTLY. GOOD RIDDANCE TO THE MURDERER!!!!!!!!

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