BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Ravens are one step closer to the championship after they defeated the Texans, and fans are more excited than ever.

Derek Valcourt shows us how fans are preparing for New England.

There are Ravens fans and then there are ultimate Ravens fans like Jim Long, who brings new meaning to the term “Get your head in the game.” He had the longest haircut of his life and colored his hair purple and black.

“Seven hours, so women, I know what you go through,” Long said.

If a haircut isn’t your style, T-shirt printers are banking on you liking shirts that warn the Patriots we’re coming for them.

All this Ravens playoff excitement means Christmas in January for some retailers.

“It’s huge for this town. It keeps a lot of stores moving when it would be pretty slow right after the holidays,” said Craig Pfeifer, Maryland Screen Printers.

Bus companies like Superior Tours are already booking up package deals including a ride, hotel and tickets to the big game. Others are finding their own way to Foxboro.

“We got 90 flights on Southwest up to Providence,” said Nelson Kohn, Ravens fan.

Kohn is planning on spending a pretty penny to be part of the playoff action.

“If you’re a fan of your team, if you have the means to follow them and show your enthusiasm, these are the kinds of things you do,” Kohn said.

“The prices are somewhat moderate early,” said Steve Nickel, Sports Tickets Unlimited.

Ticket professionals like Steve Nickel say you can get a seat at Foxboro starting around $250 all the way up to the skyrocketing price of nearly $2,000 for an impressive view.

“With the magnitude of this game, that’s not really that bad,” Nickel said.

But most Baltimore fans will have their own front row seats, watching the AFC Championship battle on WJZ. As they wait, they’re talking up a big game against the Patriots.

“It’s gonna be a close call but the Ravens are gonna take it,” said one fan.

WJZ is the only place to see the Ravens face off with the Patriots. You can watch the game Sunday at 3 p.m.

  1. Michael Spencer says:

    We might not be able to watch the game in person, but our spirits soaring high. Check this link out on UTube

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