The Ravens advanced to the AFC Championship, and at the end of the day, that’s all that counts.

That said, they were the least impressive of the teams that won this weekend. And, as a result, it’s hard to toast being in the AFC title game because it’s hard to be confident that the Ravens will beat the Patriots. It’s been a while since the Ravens have played a great offensive game. The expectation is that we’ll have a tough time stopping their offense, so we better put up the points. The Patriots defense isn’t very good. The question is whether the Ravens offense is good enough to truly exploit it. We haven’t seen it lately. Too many dropped balls, too many inaccurate throws, too many sacks.

I don’t subscribe to the theory that the Ravens can’t win based on how they’re playing. Every game is different. Turnovers and injuries change everything.

I’m not confident of the Ravens chances, but I still think they can win.


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