ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — One Maryland lawmaker says enough is enough when it comes to animal abuse. Now he’s proposing a bill that would create an animal abuse registry in the state.

Meghan McCorkell has more details on the plan.

Senator Ronald Young says since his office started talking about an animal abuse registry, they’ve gotten tons of calls from animal rights advocates who say the state needs this now.

A helpless Yorkshire Terrier was tossed off of a Baltimore County balcony. In October, 150 cats were found in squalid conditions inside a Thurmont home. More than 60 of them were dead. Then, there’s a man accused of beating kittens to death, then going to a pet store, getting another and doing it all over again.

“All of a sudden, I’m hearing about cases all over the state,” Young said.

That’s why he’s taking a stand and proposing a bill to create an animal abuse registry to help prevent convicted abusers from getting another animal.

“We want pet stores and humane societies and whatever to check. `Oh, you’re on the animal abuse registry. You can’t get another pet,'” Young said.

If the bill passes, an animal abuser’s photo and address would be listed in the registry for 10 years. It would be public and on a website, so neighbors could also see if an offender lives in their community.

“This really sends a message that this felony crime is going to be taken seriously,” said Aileen Gabbey.

Gabbey, who’s with the Maryland SPCA, says a registry would be an invaluable tool for all rescue groups.

“I think it will help groups both big and small to be able to have access to consolidated information,” Gabbey said.

Information that could prevent a helpless animal from getting into the wrong hands.

Young plans to introduce the animal abuse registry bill next week. The proposed legislation is modeled after an animal abuse registry that’s already in effect in Massachusetts.

Comments (16)
  1. Stephanie Dobbins Rameika says:

    This should be done if for no other reason than people who abuse animals often hurt other people as well. We are behind the times in doing something to penalize those who abuse animals and it is about time someone took a major stand on this issue!

  2. fedupwithitall says:

    WHERE is the SPOUSAL abuse registry at ??? How many times to we read wher sposual abuse goes on and we hear how this person has been convicted over and over and still goes out and abuses again.

    1. Laurel says:

      HUMANS make choices to stay or go in a situation like that….ANIMALS have no voice….bring on the database….

      1. Lydia says:


  3. Lalalo says:

    I agree with Stephanie, animal abuse is a symptom of psychopathy. Those who hurt animals usuallly go on to hurt humans as well. There is a lack of emotion in such people there that is scary (i.e., Michael Vick, Mitt Romney)

    Regarding spousal abuse, go fight your cause, animal abuse is mine, don’t put mine down!

    1. What is your problem says:

      So if I understand you correctly, you think it’s important to protect animals from people who abuse them because of the potential threat these people pose to human beings, but you don’t care about people who pose a threat to others unless they are also abusing animals? Is that about right? Why don’t you say it, you could care less about people, you just want to make sure animals aren’t being harmed. There’s no shame in wanting to make sure animals are safe from harm. That’s why we’re all vegan, right?

      To he11 with those stupid young women who were raised to believe that abuse = love and find themselves in abusive situations because they don’t know there is another, better way to live…they can LEAVE can’t they??? Well, can they? You would know, right? You’ve been there, right?

      What a bunch of hypocrites. I’m all for the registry because it’s the right thing to do for people and animals. I am also all for domestic violence registry. Why are you b1tching about it?

      1. Lydia says:

        Your domestic abuse registry is a viable idea, but you won’t get what you seek behaving this way. Turn your anger into something productive, and get out there and make the registry happen, but don’t cut people down who are discussing the main topic of this article.

  4. Susan says:

    You all are right. My husband was abusive, so I left because I had a choice and also law enforcement and other people to protect me. What did those kittens beaten to death, Yorkie tossed off a balcony or burned alive Pit Bulls & cats etc. have? I just cannot fathom someone so sick!

    As someone who has been involved in fostering and rescue for many years, I can say many pet rescue groups keep & share a “black list” of those not to place an animal with for good reason, but something like this would be far better as “black lists” are not checks of past convictions, just creepy or inappropriate people. An animal abuse registry would allow shelters, rescues and breeders to check on someone before placing an animal with them. It would also allow a potential employer to check before hiring someone for a job that involves working with or around animals. If you have pets, would you hire a nanny or baby sitter convicted of animal abuse or neglect? If you know your neighbor was convicted, you can be on the lookout to see if s/he has a pet and take measures to keep your own safe from the offender. The list should be forever, not for just ten years. Animal abuse is a crime and they should be treated just like sex effenders, who also prey on the defenseless. The community has a right to know when dangerous people live in it!

  5. Chrissie Ennis says:

    Its about time that we start pulling together and showing animals the same love that they show us! I think this is a great idea!!

  6. D. Downs says:

    I think this is one of the BEST things we could do. People that abuse animals ofter abuse people. And I’m not comparing humane life to the life of an animal, I LOVE and CHERISH BOTH

  7. RNinBalto says:

    This is the BEST IDEA I have heard so far Maryland has come up with & I hope it gets implemented right away…I am so disgusted over the uneducated pathetic natives that get away doing this; animal abuse is completely wrong & will often lead to worse crime


  8. Jeanne says:

    I agree – the best idea this state has come up with in a long time! It’s past time something like this was implemented! As one who is “owned” by two rescue cats, and who has worked with cats on the street, I get sick every time I hear of another animal hanging on to life who was abused. Animals deserve our love, our care – not our problems. They are not punching bags. Or something to be thrown out.

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