ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — The prospect of a gas tax hike this year stirs Marylanders to action.

Political reporter Pat Warren explains demonstrations on both sides have already started.

The opposition rang in the new year with its message loud and clear.

“How is anybody supposed to pay for anything if you keep raising taxes?”

Opponents of a gas tax hike took it to the streets on Jan. 7.

“This one’s mine, help yourself, grab a sign, let’s get on the corner let’s start waving to some folks,” said one person.

Marylanders have paid 23.5 cents a gallon tax on gasoline since 1992.

“A lot of other states have a hybrid approach where they do a flat and they also index it,” Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley said. “So we’ll have more on that as we search for consensus.”

A search that may have received a boost Thursday as those in favor of a gas tax increase got their start, the Statewide Transportation Alliance to Restore the Trust– the Transportation Trust Fund.

Angie Johnson works for a paving construction company.

“I know it’s hard to put extra money in your tank, but if it grows jobs and fixes the roads, it’s a no-brainer,” Johnson said.

According to the state vommission on transportation funding, Maryland has $12 billion in transportation needs– projects that mean jobs and less time burning gas going nowhere fast in traffic congestion.

“We’re ejecting money out of our tailpipes that could be spent on building these roads and transit systems in the state,” Tim Butera of the Laborers Cooperation Trust said.

The O’Malley administration has not announced exactly when it will have a proposal to present to the General Assembly, but when it does, that’s when the real fight begins.

The coalition includes 90 organizations and businesses.

Comments (13)
  1. ballsohardclub says:

    The Democrats are lying thieving pricks. Let that transportation money go to a lock box instead of paying for Mexican housing & medical coverage along with the phony Dream act legislation……..STOP the spending.

  2. big tom says:

    let the coalition pick up the tab for everyone since they are so for this increase

  3. NoMoreTaxes says:

    Please post a list of the members of the coalition so I know who not to support or give any business to.

    1. LocalReader says:

      I agree with those who want to know who are members of this coalition. I wanna know who the fat cats are providing the support. They are probably those who have the big government contracts and inflate the pricing to make their profiits.

      1. KottaMan says:

        Yep, I wanna know as well!

  4. independent says:

    “During the period of 1920-1970 gasoline typically cost around 30 cents per gallon. It was not until 1971 when President Nixon took the US dollar off the gold standard that gas prices began rising.”

  5. independent says:

    Look people, no one LIKES to pay more for anything, but be realistic. As long as we keep petrol prices low, we’ll continue to ship billions of dollars to people who use the money to obtain WMD and aim them at us!

  6. Steve Wilson says:

    Independent – finally a light in the Republican dark. The GOP is deep in bed with Big Oil. Republican economics have never worked for anyone except the wealthy. Double digit National debt is solely the responsibility or Ronnie and both Georges. Democrats are always left to clean up the mess while Republicans blame them for the mess they caused and their rich supporters profited from.

  7. big tom says:

    ok a dem is in now and what has he actually done for us?? except go on vacations

  8. CeCe says:

    what happened to the money the Dept. of Transportation was given by the state? I saw a TV program stating that they hid the money in different accounts and it was uncovered in an Audit in June & July of 2011. This money was stolen from the people of Maryland and hid. These people to go to jail why hasn’t anything been done! Do not let them take anymore of our hard earned money for some fata** to laugh at us.

  9. KottaMan says:

    Way to go Guv…. Tax us all into the poorhouse. I, for one, have about had it and am looking to move out of MD after a lifetime here.

  10. ballsohardclub says:

    The trans fund monies have been shifted to pay for all manner of other “Get the Democrats reelected again & again”. Casa De Mayo, medicaid, subsidized bus ridership for the poor. schooling & section 8 housing for illegals & our lazy black population. Just some of your tax dollars not working for you but the parasites of society.

  11. THE TRUTH says:

    Why not make the Transportation fund untouchable exept for what it was designed for Transportation repairs and upgrades. Florida and other States have this as LAW. No transportation funds can be RAIDED FOR THE DUMBOCRATS TAMMINY HALL illegal projects.


    And no one cares Where it has gone

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