Joe Flacco recounted a humorous story about a neighbor who called the Ravens, specifically Ozzie to inform the team that he saw Joe attempting to skateboard . The caller was upset that our quarterback would be risking serious injury when the team is literally a win from a Super Bowl appearance.

I’ll admit when I heard the audio I laughed a little because Joe’s account of it was kind of funny. However, after thinking about it for a second I was stunned. Sometimes I forget how young these guys are, including Joe Flacco. A little wisdom would be a good thing in this case. Perhaps just a little dose of common sense.

My question to Joe is this…What about jumping on a skateboard for the first time sounds like a good idea to you as you lead your team through the playoffs? I’m just asking. Was the line at the bungee jump too long? Big Ben not available to go motorcycling? C’mon man I’ve been supporting you through your comments last week that were called “whiny” by the national media and this week after Reed’s comments as well. The skateboard stunt really has me scratching my head about your decision making though .

Too dangerous, too risky, not smart!


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