BALTIMORE (WJZ) —  Pride for the Ravens can’t be denied.  The town is painted purple and gold.

Logos were placed throughout the area, challenging fans to go on the hunt with a very big prize in mind.

Gigi Barnett has more on the contest. 

One lucky Ravens fan is packing his bags to go to Foxborough.  He found golden Ravens logos placed in five secret locations around Maryland.

Under the cloak of darkness, the Ravens left their mark behind.  They painted five golden logos in secret locations.  For people who find them, it could mean a free trip to Foxborough to see the purple birds smash the Patriots on Sunday.

“They’re all over–five different locations, five different counties,” said Katie Bollinger, Baltimore Ravens.  “So we are just encouraging everyone to go to the Facebook page, find the pictures, put the pieces together and good luck.”

This week, WJZ revealed one of the locations at the Inner Harbor, and so far hundreds of people have spotted it and captured it in a photo.

“I took a picture of this logo right here. I need four more and I am on my way to Foxborough,” said a fan. 

But what about predictions for Sunday’s game?

“We’ll root our team on. Hopefully, we’ll get to the Super Bowl this year,” said one fan.

“We just know they are going to win. We are so excited for them.  They made it this far and they can go all the way,” said another.  

The contest is over. It ended at midnight. The Ravens say they have chosen a winner, but he has not gotten back to them.


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