BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Harsh words and new revelations from the parents of a dead teenager found in Southeast Baltimore.

Mike Hellgren has the new twists in their daughter’s mysterious death.

Annie McCann’s parents don’t buy the police explanation that she killed herself, and announced they plan to file a lawsuit against the state over their daughter’s missing organs.

The anguished parents of Annie McCann lashed out at police and prosecutors for the handling of their daughter’s death investigation.

“Can you accept accountability as easily as you cash your paychecks? Have you no shame?” Mary Jane McCann, Annie McCann’s mother, said.

Police found the teen’s dead body at a housing project near Fells Point more than three years ago. Detectives believe she killed herself by drinking bactine.

But her mom and dad don’t buy it. They say after a recent, promising meeting with the new head of homicide, relations with the cops have again turned sour.

“Baltimore police never honestly investigated Annie’s death,” Dan McCann, Annie McCann’s father, said.

“We can’t even pretend to imagine what this family is going through,” Anthony Guglielmi, spokesperson for the Baltimore City Police Department, said. “In terms of the investigation, officially the investigation is listed as open. However, there is no evidence, physical or otherwise, to suggest that Annie McCann was a victim of homicide.”

The McCann’s have spent countless hours and thousands of dollars investigating their daughter’s death, and they went to the National Press Club to reinvigorate interest in their daughter’s story.

They also dropped this bombshell: They claim the state medical examiner’s office lost their daughter’s organs.

“The state has no right to abort our effort at Christian burial by carelessly losing our Annie’s brain, her heart and her very essence,” Mary Jane McCann said.

The parents are demanding more follow-up in several areas, saying they identified the woman last seen with their daughter in Baltimore, and believe more questioning should be done of the teens who they believe dumped their daughter’s body out of her Volvo and took the car for a joyride. One has since been charged with murder in another case.

“We will never stop,” Mary Jane McCann said. “The pain will never go away. The grief will never go away.”

The state Medical Examiner’s Office would not comment specifically on Annie McCann’s case, but says they follow strict standards under the law and sometimes organs are retained for further investigation and are disposed appropriately.

McCann’s parents also say there was blunt force trauma to their daughter’s head. Police say they spent thousands of hours on this case and a new review turned up no new information.

Comments (7)
  1. KIM says:



      Please Baltimore police, do your job. Investigate Annie’s death. You know there was not enough lidocane in one bottle to match the amount found in her body. You know there was not enough in one bottle to kill a person. Now you know who the female is who was last seen with Annie alive and boys who took the car are scared. Do your job.
      It is unbelievable everything Annie’s family has had to endure. Proper burial denied too. Justice for Annie denied. JUSTICE FOR ANNIE NOW.

      1. Meeeeee says:

        Yea Baltimore cops doing something that doesnt involve R A P I N G someone… don’t hold your breath. This is what happens when the state hires convicts as cops. And remember cince they cannot prove homicide it makes Balimer look that much safer… Another 50-100 suicides and the homicide rate will go down… Pathetic. Poor family of that girl to be mentally defecated on by the City of Baltimore

  2. linda says:

    why do they take the brain heart ,and other organs out if she is being buried by family.why does the state think they need her organs without the families permission?I understand the parents completely!!

  3. antoinette shorter says:

    Can you guys not comprehend what you read? Please know that I’m not being mean when I say that but clearly the article is saying that AFTER her autopsy those organs were withheld for further investigation and then disposed of appropriately. What if AFTER all the testing they are doing trying to find a reason for Annie’s death there is nothing left to really bury? IJS….use your noodle people. I hope Annie’s story finally has the closure her parents seek…..RIP Annie.

  4. ballsohardclub says:

    This girls was murdered by the black thugs of the Perkins homes project.

  5. colliemom says:

    Unfortunately, think parents are filled with pain and anger, and looking for someone to blame. Original reports were she left suicide notes, ran away from home. Body later found in Baltimore next to dumpster, later reports were ME exam showed died of Lidocaine intoxication and bottle with that content was found. Questions raised if she was in Baltimore looking to buy drugs and met foul play. Later story said two men found her body in a car, dumped the body and took the car. Sounds like police did a good investigation and put things together the best they could from their findings. I’m sorry for the family’s pain; but blaming/hating Baltimore, ME, police and everyone else won’t change things. Soft tissue organs are commonly held after autopsy in case future testing needed, weren’t buried with body but disposed of respectfully after thought no longer needed; that’s the SOP, nothing strange. Sometimes bad things happen and there isn’t a crystal clear reason why or how, that doesn’t mean you should rant and insult and bash the very people who tried to help them solve this case.

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