BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Ravens fans are preparing for the big AFC title game against the Patriots on Sunday.

Weijia Jiang was out with the crowd Thursday night as they got a lucky chance to meet some of the Ravens’ biggest stars.

At Jimmy’s Seafood in Dundalk, Ravens fans waited in line for hours for one very good reason.

“We’re going to have our picture taken tonight with the Super Bowl winning quarterback,” said one fan.

Just days away from the AFC championship game, quarterback Joe Flacco and wide receiver Torrey Smith posed for pictures and signed autographs for dozens of people.

“It’s no big deal to take an hour out and say hello to everybody,” Flacco said. “These people are the reason why we’re here today, why we’re playing the way we are, and why we do what we do.”

“Excited about it. It tells you a lot about our fan base,” Smith said.

Flacco even kissed grandmothers and held babies.

One newborn’s name is Raven Madelina.

“Because she’s the No. 1 Ravens fan. She loves Joe Flacco,” mother Tammy Brauckhoff said.

The love is undeniable.

“The excitement in the town is wonderful to be out here to see Joe, see Torrey. Can’t beat it, it’s a great crowd, great atmosphere,” Ravens fan Jeff Nassner said.

And that excitement goes both ways.

“To be here at the end of the year with four teams left and have a chance to go to the Super Bowl and play is a very special thing,” Flacco said.

You can watch the Ravens take on the Patriots Sunday starting 3 p.m. on WJZ.

Comments (3)
  1. Tracy Goolsbee says:

    Very disappointed in the Jimmy’s event tonight! When we purchased our $65 tickets, we were told to bring items to get signed. This was farther from the truth! The only things the guys were signing were cardboard advertisements for Jimmy’s. Very deceiving! Overcrowded, food was mediocre and no autographs or pictures!! Shame on Jimmy’s Seafood!!

    1. Dora Howard says:

      Maybe the News Media should stick around a little longer at an Event if they are going to report on it, the Raven signing of Joe Flacco and Torrey Smith, and not just give the good version of it . As I was watching the pre-recorded News on it.

      Wasn’t even there but got more information off of the facebook then she gave out on the News Report.

      People who just came from Jimmy’s, was very upset about paying $65 a ticket and getting a pre-signed advertisement for Jimmy’s Place, and to top it off over crowded no where to sit. and did not even get a photograph, rather alone a signing of any kind.

      As they were posting this with friends on the internet, I was listening and watching what a great Event it was…..And they say you should never believe half what you see; now what do you think?

  2. Weekend @ Bernies says:

    That’s what they get for going to a Dump in Dum-Dalk

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