By Abdu Ali Eaton

Baltimore’s own DDM is a rising rap headliner that has entertained hip hop lovers with his charming, gritty and lyrical raps. The popularity of his latest EP, released in August, “TV Killed the Radio Star,” has earned him praise from the music community. DDM has the star quality and talent to be a music sensation; he recently sat down with CBSBaltimore to talk about his career.

CBSBaltimore: What makes your rise to fame different from the rest of the hip hop connoisseurs of today?

DDM: There is no artist like me that has made it mainstream yet so I don’t have any rules to follow. I can say how I truly feel without having to worry if I’ve stepped on any toes.

CBSBaltimore: How would you describe your rapping style?

DDM: My style has the classic elements of rap in it with a lot of animation and aggression. It is original with an ode to different eras in music.

CBSBaltimore: What do you want people to gain from your music?

DDM: I want people to be able to feel included in my experiences and have fun while listening. I want people to also be able to recall memories and places in time when they hear my music.

CBSBaltimore: Who does your music speak for?

DDM: My music speaks for the outcasts, weirdos, and hard workers who are underprivileged.

CBSBaltimore: What makes you excited about rapping and performing?

DDM: I love making people feel good about themselves and giving them an escape through my music. My shows are energetic and unpredictable, but always entertaining.

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CBSBaltimore: What inspiration do you channel when you’re in the studio?

DDM: I channel a lot of musical theater, Baltimore City vibes, and foreign music. I also draw from my own personal experiences in my own life.

CBSBaltimore: How important is it to be original?

DDM: Originality is the key to lasting in music. Be the best YOU.

CBSBaltimore: Does your talents stretch further than just making music?

DDM: I also do graphic design, styling, and I’m a big fan of world history.

CBSBaltimore: What story do you want to evoke through your music?

DDM: I want to tell a story about how no matter how challenging the circumstances can get, you can make it through. Do what you feel and never regret it.

CBSBaltimore: What’s the next level for you as an artist; what do you have in store?

DDM: I am working on my new project and getting more exposure. Taking it a day at a time

To see more of DDM, check out his website.

Abdu Ali Eaton is an arts advocate and writer living in Baltimore. His creative works can be found at

  1. ballsohardclub says:

    They all wanna be Rappers or basketball players when in fact they are nothing more than monkeys on a small stage in Baltimore performng.

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