HUNT VALLEY, Md. (WJZ) — If you’ve seen Joe Flacco lately, you have no doubt noticed his fu manchu.  His facial hair has started a trend in Baltimore.

As Ron Matz reports, the ladies are getting on it, too.

When Flacco went fu, the whole town started talking.  Now, the ladies are getting in on the action.  At the Spa in the Valley where purple reigns, women are coming in for the “she manchu.”

“So the she-manchu starts two ways: with black face paint or you can use eyelash glue. Eyeglash glue is nice to use because it’s meant for the eyes so you shouldn’t have a reaction with sensitive skin,” said Beth McHugh, make-up artist at the Spa in the Valley in Hunt Valley.

It only takes about 10 minutes and then you can show everyone your purple pride.

“This would be good for eight hours. It’s simple to remove.  Eye make-up remover, a good moisturizing face wash will really help emulsify the paint,” said McHugh.

“It’s so much fun.  I think it gets everybody in the spirit, and we’re just ready for the game,” said Lindsay Harris, who got a she manchu.

“If you’ve been to the games, guys and girls and even — on some fan pages — babies are sporting the fu manchu,” said McHugh.

Shelby Weimer is a Raven maniac from her jersey to the tips of her fingers.

“My dad has season tickets.  My boyfriend is going to New England.  So it’s all about the Ravens in my family,” said Weimer, receptionist at Spa in the Valley.  “I’m showing my nails off.  One of the fingers says 55 for Terrell Suggs.  The other one has the Ravens logo. Just in the Ravens spirit here.”

Purple hair extensions and more are getting employees and customers into the Ravens spirit.

“I think it’s exciting.  It creates a community of unity.  We’re all behind our boys going to the Super Bowl,” said McHugh.

Joe Flacco started growing the facial hair back in November.  He’s using his fu manchu to help raise money for the Living Classrooms Foundation. For more information, click here.

Comments (4)
  1. Ed Young says:

    I’m sorry to say. But if you think that Flacco is going to beat Brady this sunday, your as wacko as Flacco is. I mean the New England Patriots is the best team in the NFL. You may have a better defense, but your offense pales to the Patriiots offense. So enjoy your victory over the Texans, because it will be your last victory this season.

  2. kim says:

    as you can see this article is about the ravens not the patriots, so there was no need for a comment like that to begin with your just another hater on our list we will see sunday and if i knew who u were id laugh so hard in ur face when we do WIN that superbowl. and another thing get a career instead of hating on someone elses..

  3. Joan says:

    So nice to see the gals at the Spa in the Valley have soooo much PURPLE RAVEN SPIRIT !!! NOW RAVENS — YOU GO ALL THE WAY TO THE SUPER BOWL and show Ed how great we are !

  4. Davinsky says:

    You are a trash talking POS.
    This is a fun article for us gals.
    Shove it.

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