ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Maryland’s highest court is restricting access to the Dobbins Island beach.

The state Court of Appeals issued an opinion on Friday reversing a lower court ruling that said the beach was open to the public. The court said continued public use of the beach was at the discretion of the owners.

David L. Clickner Sr. and his wife bought the 7-acre island several years ago.

The Magothy River Association sued to preserve public access to the beach after Clickner erected a fence along a portion of the shoreline in 2006.

Clickner has said he’s trying to keep the beach tame and quiet, noting that partiers often converge for the Bumper Bash celebration.

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Comments (3)
  1. tomtom says:

    finally justice has been served. mra go do something else. its been too long in comming.

  2. Jill G. Thornshun says:

    He owns it … He should decide who uses it. Just because someone grew up in my house and played in my yard 40 years ago, doesn’t mean they get to come squat there now. It’s my property and my right to say who can use it. They followed all the rules and gathered all the permits, if the MRA wanted public access they should have bought it themselves and donated it to the state.

    M-R-A GO AWAY! This ain’t the commie U-S-A!

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