BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Her kids were awarded $2.6 million because of lead poisoning suffered in Baltimore City’s public housing. But last week, a judge ruled the city didn’t have to pay up. Now that mother is speaking to WJZ.

Monique Griego has more.

An appellate judge ruled the family didn’t report the injuries within the required time. Now that mother finds herself once again fighting for her children.

During the early 1990s, a West Baltimore neighborhood on Fayette Street is where 21-year-old Antonio Fulgham and his sister, 20-year-old Brittney McCutcheon, played as toddlers. Back then, they had no idea the public housing they lived in was slowly poisoning them with lead in the form of lead paint.

“I blame the city, I do. I blame the city, I blame housing of Baltimore City, because that’s where it come from,” said their mother.

Their mother, who asked WJZ to hide her identity, says when her kids tested positive for abnormally high lead levels, she complained to the Housing Authority but nothing was ever done.

The home the family lived in has since been torn down but it wasn’t until years after they moved out of this neighborhood that the kids realized how much damage had been done to them.

“Antonio reads off a first-grade reading book. Brittney is on a second-grade reading book. My children are struggling,” she said.

In 2007, the family sued the city and won $2.6 million but last week an appellate judge reversed that ruling, saying the family didn’t notify the city within 180 days of the injuries as required by law. Their mother says she did report it…just not in writing.

“I just feel like they trying to cover it up. Like they saying I have to put it in writing; they never said that,” she said.

In a statement, the Housing Authority says, “It is committed to addressing lead paint judgments in a fair and responsible way. However, it also has responsibility to defend against unfounded lawsuits to protect limited resources for the 50,000 low-income housing residents we serve today.”

She still believes the city is using a technicality to avoid responsibility.

The family now has 45 days to appeal this latest decision.

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  1. Liberal Soldier says:

    The wealthy and the powerful will always trump the average citizen or family.

    1. Stupidity Rules says:

      You are correct Liberal Soldier. The ones with the power and money love seeing this petty bickering because it keeps the people divided. We must come together to be strong enough to make change.

  2. Ohmyheaven says:

    Good. Then the $2.6 million will go to the 50,000 people in the housing program. I think it was a fair decision.

    1. Mr. Tanaka says:

      The mother actually said “my children IS struggling”. Wow, maybe she had some exposure to the lead paint herself, speaking like that. Let’s get real folks, the paint didn’t do that. You’re just uneducated in real life, trying to get rich quick.

  3. Ashley says:

    If these people don’t like the conditions of public housing and she thought it was posioning her children perhaps she should have gotten a job and bought her own house rather than living off the state and trying to get rich quick. You get what you pay for, and you didn’t pay anything for the house….the state did.

  4. Marlyn says:

    Reading levels for both would have increased if they had attended school on a regular basis and if they had had a parent who could read and write. I taught my children to read before they went to school. Then I monitored their progress 1st grade through college. I rasied them to be productive citizens. The parent had years to work with the school system and the housing atthority to help her chidren. Obviously, she did neither. Now to expect a payout is ridiculous. Tax payer money will not makeup for a lack of parenting and years of parent neglect.

  5. CommonSense says:

    Racism is a disease that spreads and some people don’t even know they have it. If you look at the comments you will notice that one persons coughs it up and the others catch it and pass it along. It’s interesting to see people catch racism like a common cold … only here you catch it from people that don’t even make contact with you. That’s because it lives in your blood and is activated by insensitivity and stupidity.

  6. CommonSense says:

    So do you really believe that blacks of 12% of the population outweigh the majority when it comes to needing government assistance? Its astounding that there is this inability to see what is right before the eyes. Its sad actually, because we can’t see the faults of the weakest race (the majority). Think about it. Do you think this country’s mess is created by a minority in any way.

    Did you happen to watch any of the Republican presidential debates. That’s what’s been going on for decades. That’s what America is producing on a non-minority front. I don’t know brother, you tell me what’s worse.

    1. Ballsohardclub says:

      Common sense, Cut out the “Poor poor me B.S., Stop watching T.V. starring oprah, Jerry Springer etc, teach your children values, get married, have a male role model in the home as their father , not the boy friend of the month. Make sure they go to school & do their assignments. Tough work but well worth it. Yes, the problems in major cities are created by minority Blacks. Phila, Balto, Chicago, Detroit.

  7. Browns says:

    She gave them lead on purpose! I know them personally! They both have multiple. These people run around South Baltimore fighting stealing and doing everything under the sun! They had their grandmother funeral on a front porch!

  8. ballsohardclub says:

    Browns, If only people would get all the facts before jumping on the bandwagon. I’ve been saying this for years that the black population in Balto city & other cities has had a generation of scaming, coniving & just flat out lying. Healthy young blacks don’t work because their Daddy’s neve did nor their grand daddy’ befor them. It’s a cultural thing & a lack of education that only opens a future for crime & gov’t welfare.

  9. concern citizen says:

    @ ballsohardclub you hatred for black people will kill you one of these days, and then the world will be a little bit better.

  10. kristen says:

    I myself had no idea what lead could do to a person. My son cameron was tested when he was 3 and only b/c someone suggested it to me.(not his dr). Yes my son is bi-racial but that has nothing to do with it. you have white trash and black trash in the city. I was in harford county. So race has nothing to do with it. I feel sorry for children that are affected and their parents beat them thinking they are stupid. My son is currently 7yrs old he can say his abc’s but he does not know what they mean. Also half the people in the housing programs are cheating the system in the first place. I recently seen a woman at a convience store buying junk food for her daughter and herself then pulled a wad of money out to play the lottery. I also have a lawyer and he is waiting to see if their is any further damage to his brain before we go to court. My main response is that if you no not speak not. I am a heartbroken mother who will have to make sure my son is able to be taken care of for the rest of his life. This money will not be for my but my piece of mind knowing after I pass my child will be ok.

    1. If it smells like a scam.... says:

      If your son is now seven – that means he would have been born in 2005 (give or take a few months). Where on earth did you live in 2005 where there was still lead paint? Why do you assume parents beat their children assuming they are stupid – we don’t live in the 1950’s anymore. Are you one of these individuals in the housing program. Good – you have a lawyer – if he has any sense he’ll drop this case faster than a hot potato. Yes, and until you pass, I’m sure you won’t be spending any of the money for your “piece” of mind. Yes, I do know (not no). Good luck…’ll need it.

      1. step outside the black and white.. says:

        I moved into a house last January that was built in 1920. AFTER signing my lease, my landlady advised my husband and I that the property was “pending” lead certification. At the time my children were 8 and one month. We watched as the house FAILED inspection 2 times. Im sure you would say, “move”, but it isn’t that easy when you just had a baby and your spouse has been laid off. STUFF HAPPENS….YOU ARE A JERK.

  11. Keith M. says:

    I am thankful that the download of the Sun on my Nook does not include the comments section. The inability to state a position without hatred is truly sad.

  12. ballsohardclub says:

    It is truly sadder that some people of the black race continue to scam, lie , cheat, steal & have done it for generations & have given good hard working blacks a black eye. No pun intended.

  13. Aries Post says:

    Ouch… I always say, It aint for real till it’s in your hands…
    It’s sad, but they didn’t follow up with the process
    See articles in

  14. VMack says:

    It Surprises Me,..You know what it don’t surprises Me that most people of the so called majority race always claim that minorities is the problem of crime and all sort of social ills. I live in California now and I see more people that all the majority is on welfare and some living in Beverly Hill and committing major crimes with meth labs to all out stupidity. I see more white and latinos on welfare. Most blacks had to get welfare because the majority was not hiring them. Granted it is a struggle in life that’s for sure my own mother raised 5 on her own went to school and work and came home and had our behinds in bed by 9pm . But she still need assistance from the goverment and she got food stamps to help feed us. Because coming up in the 70’s in west Baltimore was no different then any othe major city in the U.S. Esspecially for blacks who had an education and still couldn’t get ahead because they where not paying black as they are paying whites and that’s still true to this day. And for people on here calling people stupid and uneducated…TAKE A LOOK IN THE MIRROR WITH YOUR OWN COMMENTS.. YOU BIG DUMMIES.

  15. Sylvan Finkelstein says:

    CORRUPT JUDGE,WHAT DO YOU EXPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. jim says:

    I am tired of hearing about this lets move on!!!!!!!!

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