By Ron Matz

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It’s not unusual to see a fox in the suburbs.  But it’s a different story when one is spotted in the city.

Ron Matz reports one fox is causing some frayed nerves in a popular Baltimore neighborhood.

Foxes are a fairly common sight in the suburbs.  One even got into a Salisbury restaurant a few years ago.

Dave Davis spotted one Monday morning near Jimmy’s in Fells Point.

“I saw the fox at the door of Jimmy’s Restaurant this morning.  It was around 3 a.m.  He was red and black. He took off when I saw him,” said Davis.

Bob Eney lived in Fells Point for more than 32 years.

“When I walked my dog in the morning and I’d see these things darting, I thought they were huge rats because they darted fast. But when the fox runs, his tail sticks straight out the back and then I found out they were foxes and then I was afraid of foxes,” said Eney.

Waitress Wanda Oxendine saw the fox just a few days ago in the Square on Broadway.

“The other morning I was looking at the window into the Square and saw the fox running really fast. I told everybody at work I had seen it and they said, ‘Are you crazy?’  They asked if I was sure it wasn’t a dog and I said ‘I’m sure.’  Now I come to find out, someone else saw the fox, too,” said Oxendine.

Oxendine saw the fox around 7 a.m.

“He was pretty big and had a long bushy tail.  He was red. I really didn’t get a chance to see his face because he ran so fast in the Square,” she said.

So how did a fox end up in Fells Point?  There’s one theory making the rounds.

“When the trains come in, the foxes follow the freight cars and come into the city.  That’s how they get in here because they know they get in here and there’s all kinds of stuff to eat,” said Eney.

Now, pet owners and others are being more careful.

“I’ve worked here for eight years, and I’ve never seen a fox here before.  I’m going to be a little more cautious walking around here in the morning,” said Oxendine.

Fox attacks on humans are not common, but some have been reported.

Comments (17)
  1. Countryboy says:

    Might be the answer to your rat and rodent issues in the city. I say leave him alone and he won’t bother

    1. squaregrouper says:

      Yuppers, a fox would be quite beneficial to helping to lower the rat population

  2. Fozzy Bear says:

    That’s why guys go to Fell’s Point, the see the foxes!

    1. Jonathan Francis says:


  3. karen pumphrey says:

    I thought the fox moved to Florida. Maybe he missed his Boh.

  4. Mary Kelly says:

    RELAX~~~~~He/she is here to clean up the streets/sidewalks. Foxes are efficient and quick.

  5. msrrbalto says:

    I hope city officials and/or animal control will consider humane capture and release into the wild out in the suburbs – before some gun crazed citizen decides to try and take matters into their own hands – or he is hit by a car!

  6. Frank says:

    My wife and I have lieved in Hamlton for 28 years and have had a Fox in residence almost all of that time.

  7. Jonathan Francis says:

    This is news….wow…..and I love that “gun crazed citizen” thats how Legal firearm owners get referred to….nice….I’d rather be one that a VICTIM!! now go release that thought into the wild.

    1. Dubloh7 says:

      Note that the writer didn’t say, “some rational, responsible gun owner.” The comment implies that the person who might shoot the fox probably shouldn’t own a gun anyway. Judging by the fear of some of the residents, I do hope that the fox is able to be safely relocated, so he isn’t needlessly shot, poisoned, or hit by a car. And yes, before you respond, I am in favor of the right to bear arms.

  8. Kris Bryant says:

    I thought they were going to warn us that Fox news was on the loose spreading rhetoric in fells point.

  9. Marsha Brooks says:

    Why is it such a big deal when a fox is seen in Fells Point ? There are fox over run in Baltimore city. Who ever did the research on this story left out the rest of the city.There are fox,deer and raccoons and many other animals all throughout the city including TV hill. You don’t hear that Hampden is over run with these animals,Don’t even hear about the herds of deer running thru greenmout ave. area. But if it’s in Federal Hill or Fells point by god now thats a story.

  10. LMC says:

    Many big cities, London for one, have urban foxes, badgers, etc. They sleep on shed roofs in the back yards. It is a breath of fresh air in a big city.

  11. RockyMtnsRule says:

    Oh my God, foxes? Hit the panic button! You people are bunch of wussies. Foxes are harmless and actually are probably killing off your rat population. Move out to Colorado where we have mountain lions, bears and bobcats in the backyard. Get a Grip.

  12. Ilut0 says:

    Come around NE Baltimore, (Southern Avenue) we see foxes, raccoons, and deers everyday! No big deal!

  13. Jan Fein says:

    What a big news event!! Come on people. I live in a Baltimore area suburb, and foxes are a daily occurrence. In fact, we have a “family” that lives behind our home. They’ve never harmed any person, or pet. Somebody needs to get a life, for pete’s sake. Oh well, a little excitement for Fells Point.

  14. Marsha Brooks, says:

    You know after reading this story about the FOX in Fells Point. Well I had to go back and watch the video on it.Now I see how the fox found it’s way all the way down there. haha Did anyone think about the Baltimore zoo or Cylborn mansion, lake Roland so on and so on .These animals have existed since my father-in-law lived in Baltimore city,and he passed away in 1970 at the age of 66.The animals walk up and down the railroad tracks sometimes even in the middle of the day. Fox are usually seen from dusk until dawn. The Baltimore zoo is a wild life preserve,not only the captured animals but the wild ones all around the outside.I think the Jones falls runs from lake Roland and emptys into the harbor so there is an simple reason for the animal sightings. Sorry for going on and on but I think this was a terrible way to spend money with the time and effort put into this story.These people are making more money that most of the readers so, as far as I concerned I think they should spend their money on something worthy of a news cast!!

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