Video Of Autistic Child’s Attack Posted On Facebook

CECIL COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — An autistic child was beaten at a school bus stop while a crowd of children watch—and the whole thing was captured on camera.

Meghan McCorkell spoke to the victim and his family.

Sixth-grader Kaleb Kula says this isn’t the first time he’s been attacked but his parents hope it’s the last.

A crowd surrounded Kula near his bus stop. Someone with a cell phone camera shot the video. Suddenly, a boy whose identity we’re hiding repeatedly punched Kula in the head.

“All the kids just wanted to watch the fight just so they could see someone get hurt,” Kula said.

Kula says he never threw a punch.

“I don’t know how to fight back,” he said.

His parents found the video on Facebook. They say their autistic son is the target of constant bullying at Elkton Middle School.

“He’s complained that he’s been punched, pushed, kicked in school. But most of it is name calling and threats,” said Kaleb’s father, James Kula.

James and Jessica Kula have been in contact with school officials but say the bullying continues.

“It feels helpless, I guess you would say. What can I really do? Be a fly on the wall? I can’t go to school with him every day,” said Jessica Kula.

Cecil County Public Schools would not comment on the specifics of this case but say they take incidents like this very seriously.

In a statement, the school says it “conducted an investigation into the matter and disciplinary action is being taken against the students involved, in addition to the charges by law enforcement.”

The child in this video is now charged with second-degree assault.

Kaleb Kula just hopes this never happens again.

“I hope it accomplishes that people won’t be rude to me and that people will just stop bullying altogether,” he said.

The school system says they do have a bullying report that parents can fill out. They say no matter how an incident is reported, all cases of bullying are investigated.

The video of the beating has been removed from Facebook.

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  • Bill Ritter

    It would serve them right if one day he tracks the bullies down and offs them one by one. Parents of the bullies are never concerned unless its their child that is abused. Then and only then does it become an issue for them.

    I was larger and stronger than all the kids in my school and was bullied but turned the other cheek. If I knew then what I know now, things would have been different. I would have my parents sue the entire system, then the parents of the bullies in civil court. I would own them. Then after it was all over, I would covertly track them and give them a beat down of their own.

    They all just be extremely glad I didnt go postal on them and plan a school take out like we hear about in the news more frequently now. I feel for the ones that are innocent, but the ones putting others down and bullying need to be put in their place.

    • The Rapist

      So, possible solutions:
      1. Wait and kill all of the bullies later in life.
      2. Sue the schools, then stalk the bullies and beat them close to death.

      Ever heard of therapy?

      • Greg B

        Bring back corporal punishment, because some parents SUCK DONKEYS. I’d like to get my hands on the useless, pathetic parents of this little MONSTER. Would the world be a better or worse place without the three of them in it? I’m not saying kill them, but the answer to that question is still telling. At the least, the evil little monster should be removed from the public school, and his parents forced to find another way to educate the little monster. Fine them if he fails standardized tests. Jail them if they can’t pay the fines. They probably don’t work, and are LEECHING off of society, so they are helpless, and we have to do and pay for everything for them. ENOUGH WITH THE EVIL LEECHES. If you’re on the dole, some bureaucrat should be looking over your shoulder and requiring you to do certain things before you see another red cent. This monster’s daddy probably beats his mommy, if he has a daddy. It’s also time to start denying welfare without paternity, with work programs for the absent daddies, or incarceration (in a tent city, not a $60,000/year prison).

      • dan

        JB, it’s an SNL reference. the rapist = therapist

      • JB

        Your screenname is “The Rapist”, and you’re telling some else they need therapy? Really?

    • truther

      therapy cant be started until the problem has stopped. DUH

    • truther

      yup they are literally breeding a psychopath by doing this to him. i just hope he has enough ammo to kill those who wronged him. then ill pay for his lawyer.

      • Nicole

        This was not a case of bullying, read my comment. Why doesn’t anyone look into BOTH sides of the story before running their mouth!!

      • Hmmmm

        Wow Nicole, you seem to have angr mgt issues, just like your brother. I hope CPS looks into the entire family. I read your comments, and sorry, right now, I do not believe you. If there was evidence into this kid doing anything to your bother, if you think your parents or someone else, wouldn’t have come forward to counter the story posted here, then you are younger then I think you are. I thiknk, for the sake of your brother, you need to stop posting, because everything at this point, can be used by either party.

    • Jake

      I hope the boy gets revenge on those cowards!

  • Laurel

    well I hope this family gets TONS OF MONEY….please do not block the little punks face out…we should see who this lil punk is and make sure EVERYONE knows he is and will be a danger to society. Shame on the parents who condone this, I just hope and pray Kaleb stays safe. Oh btw, thanks for being so dumb to record it — just make catching idiots easier.

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  • ailialana

    My heart goes out to this family and this young boy. My son would have no idea of how to fight back either. Horrendous behaviour that must receive zero tolerance.

    • MMA will fix this

      Report to the nearest MMA gym with your kid now!!!!

    • Danny

      There is a problem with zero tolerance. If you use it, you neither have to have a brain, judgement or wisdom. Who says what is horrendous and what is not?
      I certainly hope you don’t want the government to decide, or the school district.
      Get involved or shut up.

      • Greg B

        Danny, you’re an idiot. The government should have little to say about how local schools are run. Corporal punishment existed for most of our history, then the whining started, now we have little monsters with no fear of consequences, because there usually are none.

      • truther

        ill elaborate, beating up anyone when you are the aggressor is wrong, defending yourself and killing the guy who attacked you first, thats commendable. i know i have put a few people in the hospital because i dont look that imposing but i work out 5x a week and have 2 black belts in martial arts working on my third. so i welcome the game ;-)

      • Publius

        Juries make such decisions every day. Quit with your relativist B.S. Who decides? Society decides. We have behavioral standards. Beating up the disabled is unacceptable by any reasonable standard.

    • truther

      um beating or even verbally attacking a disabled child yeah i have 0 tolerance for that, id gladly pull my 1911 and take down every one of them and laugh while doing it. many people dont deserve to live but these pieces of trash wrote a death warrant for themselves. and ill be first in line to shake the persons hand who ends them.

      • victor

        I agree, I have an autistic child, if any kid/ or other lays a hand on her I will kill them, straight up.

    • hooy

      bullies rarely bother someone who fights back.teach your children self defence

      • Michelle Smith

        Most autistic children don’t like to get physical with others, it’s not their nature. Some of them have sensory issues that if they were to hit something (or someone) it would probably hurt them worse. That little pansy who hit him probably knew he wouldn’t hit back. I’m sorry, but if that were my child I would take him out of public school. It’s not going to get better. She does have a choice for goodness sake. Either that or get a shadow for him.

  • Will Keller

    When i was in school in Harford County the special needs kids got their own bus. Is this no the case in Cecil?

    • sue gonzalez

      the bullying would still happen, it doesn’t matter which bus. I think everyone should have to spend one day in their child’s classroom, to see what really goes on now. We all have a picture of what it “used to be.” Classrooms are microcosms of society, the students reflect the values that they are exposed to. With no parent at home to teach them responsible behavior, students reflect the environment they are being raised in. Did you notice that NO one stood up for the disabled kid? NO ONE. In fact, they treated it as a reality show, vicariously enjoying the thrill of beating someone. American society is sick and getting sicker.

    • whatnow

      No, because their parents don’t want them treatly any differently so it doesn’t hurt their self-esteem but then this happens so which is worse?

    • Daniel Jones

      why should they need to have their own bus? That is pure BS in my opinion. There is nothing in his physical ability preventing him from riding the same bus as the others, if anyone needs a “special” bus it should be the bullies…let them beat each other up

  • Will Keller

    not the case*

  • elaine

    This is sad and really needs to be adressed. Everyone that stood by should be disiplined,because if it was them they would want someone to come to their aid whomever posted the video should also be in deep trouble along with the bully. As I said before make it harder on the parent take the child out of that school system make them have to take their child to anpther district. All that driving etc…will make the parent wake up.

  • ron

    for one they are not going to get any money, for two nothing is going to happen because they are stupid little white kids and they will keep making excuses for them. aaaaawwww little johnny was just playing with him, yeah whatever i wilsh this was my kid

    • Bill

      @ Ron- Now its MY time to be irate. Stupid little WHITE kids?…When did it become a black or white thing? White, black, autistic or not, NO kid and I repeat NO kid deserves to be treated like that because they do the RIGHT thing and not fight. I DO know now that I should have wiped the floor with the first bully and then I wouldnt have had as many problems. If they couldnt suspend the bully, then they couldnt suspend ME either.

      @Erica-I feel for your situation also. There is no place in society for these little tyrants. Its the fault of the parents as well as society’s in general. When they see what they perceive as a weakness, its like blood in the water for sharks. First they test the water to see if they will fight back and when they dont they “make an example” of them. Making the bullies go to another school isnt the answer either, however there should be some kind of eight thour long school with spaced seats and no extra curicular activies they should be made to attend. No fun for the bullies and it gets THEM out of the way and punished. Parents dont raise their children anymore for the most part. They have them like a litter of pups and let them run the streets and do what they want then lament because they get into trouble and they have to deal with it. If they deal with it in the beginning, they wont have to worry about it later on when they are teens.

    • truther

      thats ok, he will pick on the wrong kid get shot in the face and die, then ill PIS$ on his grave while mocking his parents, or dna doners as they cant parent a rat much less a human. they should be force sterilized too. painfully ala nazi acid sterilization.

  • Erica Pennington

    This is exactly why I started homeschooling 2 yrs ago. “I cant go to school with him everyday” You should never have to feel this way. I couldn’t stand sitting at home for 6 hours a day waiting to find out if someone else hurt my child…..the last incident WAS the LAST. I pulled both of my children out that day and never looked back. The schools always say they are taking disciplinary action…..HA……When I asked why these kids (one who CHOKED my 1st grader at the time, till he passed out) why these kids are not being suspended they answered with we cant suspend elementary school kids….WHAT….SINCE WHEN? Then when I called the police to investigate the whole thing the school said it was just a minor situation and that I was over reacting……..MY SON had choke marks on his neck but IIIIIII was over reacting.
    Sorry for the rant but this just boils me. I cant stand it that kids are like this these days…..its not really the schools fault…..Its the parents of these bullies. Get a hold of your kids PEOPLE!!!!

    • Greg B

      I’m so sorry for you, sweetheart, and for your babies. I’m glad your kids are getting loving support now. Keep it up- though I’m sorry you were forced into the situation of having to educate them yourself. Needless to say, you’re still paying property taxes that go to ‘educate’ the little tyrants who made life hell for your kids.

    • dan

      One day those bullies will grow up and be running the school system, the government, and our businesses. Oh wait, they already do…

  • fat cat

    The rotten little pricks need a good beat down & then the fuc face parents need one also for condoning & teaching the kids this trait.

  • Sharon

    The school system needs to apply stricter rules and punishment for the bullies and this would stop. If they start prosecuting these kids, it will stop.

  • Claire Malone

    We need to stop protecting the bullies – their faces should be made public to show what little cowards they really are. This is disgusting, children need to learn compassion and how to take care of one another to grow up into adults who are positive contributors to society. Perhaps there should be a special school just for convicted bullies …. let the other children go to school in a safe and protected environment with people who care. Just so sad for this little boy and the other bullied children out there ….

  • Bruce

    These parents should consider home schooling their son. The “autistic” label is mostly fake and used to cover up the school system’s inability to deal with testosterone fueled boys. We homeschool our two sons because the schools were trying to force the ‘autistic’ label on them and have them take Ritalin… now they are doing great and are learning 3 years ahead of their ‘grade level’.

    • Michelle Smith

      You mean ADHD label right ? Autism and ADHD are 2 totally different things. But yes, most of the boys I know who attend public school are on some drug because the teacher can’t get her job done unless little Johnny sits still and doesn’t say a word ! Poor kids, their parents will do anything their told as long as the government will babysit them for 6 hours a day.

    • MC

      I believe you have autism confused with attention deficit disorder…but that’s cool…

  • Heath

    Is it just me or do the parent’s seem pretty damn unaffected here! She’s almost smiling in the interview then says, “What am I supposed to do be a fly on the wall. Can’t go to school with him every day.” Lady, your kid is getting his ass beat. Pull him out, move, home school, do something.

  • Sam

    Teachers unions tell teachers not to get involved so they won’t get sued. I think there should be MORE lawsuits against schools to discourage this type of behavior.

  • Jack

    Stop blaming the schools and start blaming the parents of the bullies.

    • Daniel Jones


  • Tom I

    Sad that this happened. One time there was an autistic kid in my 4th grade class in Staten Island. I came up from the south and didn’t get along with many of the people… When I saw him getting attacked, I attacked the attackers and the whole school was proud of me. I was thanked by the principal, the parents and the police.

    One day that kid will get his, its only time.

  • Rumplestilskin

    Obviously the Cecil County Public School system is not taking this type of behavior seriously, or it would have stopped.
    I personally would be in that bully’s father’s face, but only to let him know that evil things can happen by accident to bullies. Maybe a broken arm or leg would teach them a lesson, to both the father and son bullies.
    While I am not an absolute advocate of an “eye for an eye”, there are times that the only solution to a problem is to face it down as with “fight fire with fire”……

  • Rufus Wesley

    I had the same problem years ago with my son: a 12 year old was brutalizing the younger kids. The school said “We’ve tried – there isn’t anything we can do.” So, I drove to the kids house and when his father answered the door I put my hand through the wire on the screendoor into his greasy ponytail. I told him I wouldn’t lay a hand on his monster, but if his brat ever touched my son again I would beat him until he couldn’t walk. After that, his kid beat up on other kids, but he wouldn’t come near my son. You say you can’t do it? Well, it’s amazing what a $100 bill will buy you….

  • Publius

    Too bad he is autistic instead of gay. If he were gay, the school would do something, the kids would be suspended, it would be national news, and there would be a made-for-TV movie about it.

  • Marcie

    Also the kids that stood and did NOTHING should also be charged. Seriously..what the heck is wrong with this picture?

  • Frank

    Here’s a novel idea…. teach the child to defend themself.

  • Tanya P.

    First thing I’d do is yank my son the hell out of that school. Private school, home schooling, wouldn’t matter – if the school officials are too incompetent to deal with it all, and the parents of the bullies are a bunch of prats who don’t raise decent kids, then it’s time to find a place for my kid to learn where he’s not being hazed constantly. Maybe his parents should consider that before their son finally DOES hit back? Because they do, eventually, and when they do, it’s typically pretty nasty.

  • chena

    ….if it was MY autistic child that got beaten, I can guarantee you that I would beat the perpetrator into a pulp…..nothing teaches, like experience…

  • MTaylor

    Parents seem like idiots. . . .

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