By Elizabeth Eadie

You just got an invitation to attend a friend’s party and the dress code is formal, so you’re going to be dressed to the nines, getting your hair done and strapping on the heels. What about that perfect pout, those expressive eyes or your dewy complexion? Here’s a little tip for party-perfect makeup every time: makeup counters. It’s a little less expensive than hiring a makeup artist, you can learn new tricks and you end up with new products to enjoy all year long.

I personally wear a couple of different brands, but there is one brand out there that is a perfect fit for so many people that I’m recommending them for your next trip to the makeup counter. According to the makeup artist I spoke with, they are best known for their wide range foundations. I can attest to this as two of my dear friends swear by this brand and they couldn’t be further apart in complexion and makeup needs. I’m a big fan, too, as I’m on my second jar of their super popular and stay-put gel eyeliner. Know which makeup line I’m talking about? It’s Bobbi Brown Cosmetics!

best makeup counter in baltimore elizabeth eadie Best Makeup Counter In Baltimore

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Eadie

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is available at their very own makeup counter at Nordstrom in the Towson Town Center Mall. The mall has free covered parking, which means you can park right at Nordstrom and be protected from Mother Nature after you get your makeup done. Based on my shopping experiences, the makeup counters at Nordstrom (Towson) are a little hard to separate visually. I suppose they’re required to use the same retail shelving and cases that makes them all kind of look the same. For easy navigation, remember that Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is flanked by the La Mer and M.A.C. counters.

nordstrom makeup elizabeth eadie Best Makeup Counter In Baltimore

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Eadie

So, how does this work?

For special events, I would recommend an appointment. Call ahead or drop by in advance and put your name down for a lesson. Be sure to let them know what you’re looking to have done so they can estimate the time more accurately. There are different lessons you can sign up for depending on your needs. The makeup artists can help you with anything from finding the right shade of eye shadow to an entire makeover. One such lesson is called Pretty Powerful. It takes about 20 minutes and helps you highlight your best features.

If you are looking to try something new, I would recommend doing the part of your makeup that you’re not changing and letting the pros teach you how to do one thing, like your eyes. You will be making a purchase in exchange for the lesson so make sure that your lesson is with products you actually want to buy. Be mindful that the makeup artists work on commission and be prepared to purchase two to three items per lesson. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics emphasizes that everyone is beautiful and wants to help you celebrate your individuality. Stop by and let a professional teach you the tricks of the trade to look your very best.

700 Fairmont Avenue
Towson, Md.
Hours: Monday – Saturday 10 a.m. – 9:30 p.m. Sunday, 11 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Tell us what your favorite products and department store make up counters are.

Elizabeth Eadie lives in downtown Baltimore. She owns a Baltimore design studio, a fine stationery line and a lot of glitter.


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