BALTIMORE (WJZ) — In the hands of a jury. A Frederick County sheriff’s deputy faces a multi-million dollar lawsuit. He’s accused of killing a young man after misusing a Taser.

Adam May has reaction from both sides.

The jury began deliberations late Tuesday afternoon after emotional closing arguments.

The family of Jarrel Gray broke down in tears inside a federal courtroom as attorneys delivered closing arguments in a $145 million dollar wrongful death lawsuit. The 20-year-old died in 2007 after being tasered twice by a Frederick County sheriff’s deputy.

“It’s been more painful because there has been no showing of sympathy or remorse for the death of their child and that is unfortunate,” said Gregory Lattimer.

Lattimer, the family’s attorney, admits Gray was intoxicated when police responded to a fight in the streets of their Frederick neighborhood but he claims Gray was tasered without being given a chance to obey police commands, then shocked a second time when he was lying on the round.

“He was immobilized, unable to move or speak,” Lattimer said.

But Deputy Rudy Torres, who fired the weapon, claims that Gray did not have his hands in full view, presenting a threat.

“I have been in support of Deputy Torres since day one. I watched the closings and I do believe the jury will render a decision in our favor,” said Frederick County Sheriff Charles Jenkins. “He was simply trying to maintain order. If these individuals had complied, we wouldn’t be here today.”

Both sides agree on one thing: the outcome of this case could change how law enforcement agencies across the state use Tasers in the future.

The medical examiner ruled the cause of death undetermined but called the Taser a contributing cause.

Comments (5)
  1. Sharon says:

    If the stunn gun didn’t kill him, what killed him? Having a heart attack after being stunned twice….duhh ! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. The police officer killed a black man and they’re trying let him get away with murder.

    1. Will Keller says:

      Why bring race into this argument? Had the young man complied with police he wouldn’t have gotten tazed the first time. The taser brought him down and he clearly could have had something tucked somewhere. He refused and got tased again. this money will not bring their kid back. I do feel remorse for this child being killed. I think that the family needs to settle out of court.

  2. NOT GUILTY says:

    sounds like he got what he deserved…..maybe he shold have watched How not to get your *** kicked by the police By Chris Rock!!!

    sharon, you had to be the one idiot to bring RACE into this…..your prob a monkey!

    1. ron says:

      shut up clown, these white cops get away with everything. thats why i dont feel bad when they die or get shot or something. they get what they deserve, cops are the worse. he had no weapon so why tase.

  3. Victor says:

    If police did not have to worry about every criminal possibly turning around and shooting them in the face, things like this would not happen. Since that is a valid concern of every officer, the officer took precautions to protect his own life. This is unfortunate, but had the suspect complied and cooperated fully, the entire situation could have been avoided. You want to blame someone? Blame cop killers across the nation. They’ve forced officers to use extreme caution and preemptive disabling methods when dealing with any suspect.

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