PERRYVILLE, Md. (WJZ)—A traffic stop leads to a dangerous high speed chase on I-95.

Monique Griego has more on how troopers stopped the man before anyone was seriously hurt.

The pursuit topped speeds of more than 100 miles an hour before coming to an end in Elkton.

On I-95 near Perryville, an unmarked Maryland State Trooper spotted a speeding driver. He tried to pull him over but the car took off.

“You hope for a quick conclusion,” said Sgt. Sean Jackson, Maryland State Police.

Sgt. Jackson gave chase, following Tyree S. Johnson, 25, as he weaved dangerously in and out of traffic and topped speeds of 108 miles an hour.

“It was very chaotic,” Jackson said. “He showed a complete disregard for everyone else, no concern for anybody else’s safety.”

Jackson says when they tried to box Jordan’s car in, he tried to ram their vehicles before he actually sideswiped another woman’s vehicle.

“His speed was so fast, pretty much other people didn’t have time to react,” Jackson said.

Troopers stayed on Jordan’s tail as he crossed state lines into Delaware and then back into Maryland and a residential neighborhood.

“I didn’t know what to think. I knew something was going down,” said a witness.

When the pursuit reached Route 781, they laid down road spikes that finally started to slow the suspect down.

“Also in the attempt of laying out the stop sticks, the subject veered his vehicle at Corporal Catalano and Catalano jumped the guardrail to avoid being struck,” Jackson said.

But Jordan took off into the woods and gave police a struggle before being arrested.

“I am really happy they got him,” a witness said.

Troopers ended up finding marijuana and heroin on Jordan. He’s now facing a list of charges.

The Cecil County Sheriff’s Office and Elkton Police Department also helped in the chase.

Comments (4)
  1. MC says:

    Wow…way to be behind on this one WJZ. The criminal was fleeing from being pulled over…crossed into DE at 100mph turned around and came back south into MD and tried to hit several troopers that were putting out spike strips. The criminal got out of his car and tried to flee but was caught and found to have marijuana and heroin and an outstanding warrant for his arrest…not to mention no license and no insurance. Thug.

  2. JM says:

    Kind of like the way America was “Discovered”

  3. inmy_opinion says:

    “Jordan took off into the woods and gave police a struggle before being arrested”

    Don’t give chase. Instead,shoot to kill! If a thug falls in the woods does any body actually hear it?

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