FREDERICK, Md. (AP) — The Frederick County Commissioners are reviving an attempt to make English the county’s official language.

The Frederick News-Post reports that board members voted 4-1 Thursday to hold a public hearing next month on the proposed ordinance.

The commissioners passed a resolution in 2008 proclaiming English the county’s official language, but the action was largely ceremonial.

County Attorney John Mathias says the proposed ordinance also wouldn’t affect the handling of legal or educational matters. But board President Blaine Young says it would help deter illegal immigrants from settling in Frederick County.

The lone dissenter was Commissioner David Gray. He says he doesn’t see what would be gained by passing such an ordinance.

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Comments (3)
  1. d glen burnie says:

    it is about time this should be done everywhere in th us. I have no problem with them coming here to better their lives , but do it legally ,pay taxes and speak english

  2. ronaldr says:

    I think it should be Ebonics, the coons run the cities & state.

  3. Carlos says:

    Most illegal immigrants pay their taxes, most illegal immigrants are law availing citizens, hard working people that share the same dreams as most Americans. Most of them do the work that the average American doesn’t want to do. I came to America 25 years ago and I made it my home. I speak two languages, English and Spanish. Most Americans only speak one language: English, and do not make the effort to learn anything new. America is the land of opportunities; that is why its grandfathers came to this great land. To the native Americans, the pilgrims were the first illegal immigrants; so now that Americans are all settled in their new land they want to close the door. That is not very American.

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