PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY, Md. (WJZ)—Three days of digging leads police to a body in Prince George’s County. Detectives announce the victim was a respected volunteer from the Washington, D.C. area.

Adam May has the new details in this unusual case.

Police are trying to figure out who tipped them off, hoping it solves this mystery.

Police in Prince George’s County called in help from a professional excavation company to recover the body of a murder victim—  in the bottom of an abandoned well.

“I just got focused and zoned everyone out and went to work,” said Blake McKeever, Dirt Plus.

After three days of digging, and combing the scene for clues, police confirmed information provided by an anonymous caller.

The body is Lenny Harris, a man missing from northern Virginia since last September.

Alexandria’s police chief knew the victim personally.

“Mr. Harris’ disappearance greatly affected Alexandria,” said Chief Earl Cook, Alexandria Police. “He was an activist who worked for many disadvantaged and minority people for many years, two decades.”

Police are not releasing many details of the crime but detectives have made headway in the case.

“The cause of death was a gunshot and the extent of time was an extended period of time,” Cook said.

Police also released pictures of a man trying to use the victim’s ATM card, driving a white Dodge caravan without a front license plate.

Police also recovered the victim’s cell phone months ago on the Wilson Bridge.

The old well has now been secured.


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