It’s Super Bowl week and time to come to terms that the season is over for the Baltimore Ravens.

2011 had many accolades and achievements to be proud of and while falling short in New England will likely sting forever, it’s time to let it go. Time to move on. Time to get going. It’s what Chuck Pagano has done and what several players will likely do too. It’s the natural progression of sports, a season and the business of football. As fans we live sports, die sports, eat, drink and breath sports.

In Baltimore nothing tastes better than a winner, problem is we can’t really sink our teeth into the O’s expecting the same winning taste we just enjoyed. Instead we’ve been allowing the sour taste of defeat to linger because somehow we know that losing in the AFC Championship game is better than losing 95 games come summer. It’s baseball season folks, Orioles season, losing season.

So just remember how nice 12-4 was, 9-0 at M&T was because Camden Yards is not going to yield the same memories. Play Ball.


  1. Paul Bailey says:

    Agreed. Also pondering actively protesting Angelos during O’s games this year by wearing cardboard signs around but not on Camden Yards. They couldn’t force you to remove the signage if you weren’t on Camden Yards turf, right? That would be a violation of freedom of speech.

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