HAGERTOWN, Md. (AP) — The Community Free Clinic in Hagerstown says it hopes to start accepting new patients by early March.

The clinic stopped seeing new patients in late October due to a funding shortfall.

The executive director told The Herald-Mail of Hagerstown newspaper Sunday that a fund drive, combined with cost-cutting measures, may make it possible for the clinic to start expanding its patient roster again.

The clinic has about 3,500 active patients.

The clinic said in November it needed about $500,000 to cover operating expenses for the fiscal year ending June 30, and to reopen its doors to new patients.

Officials say demand for clinic services has grown as more people have lost their jobs and health insurance.

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Comments (2)
  1. smilingjack says:

    Nothing’s free, the working whites are paying for the deadbeat blacks & mexicans. Get real!

  2. Dms says:

    Wow! Really???? Do you know how many people have lost their jobs, and as a result, healthcare coverage? Community Health Centers are needed for many reason, none of them having to do with race. You are proof you can’t fix stupidity.

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