Opponents Of Gay Marriage Rally In Annapolis

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ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ)—A showdown is building in Annapolis over same-sex marriage. On Monday night hundreds rallied against legislation to allow same-sex couples to marry.

Kai Jackson explains both sides are pulling out all the stops ahead of Tuesday’s hearings.

The same-sex marriage debate is front and center in Annapolis, and people on both sides of the issue are taking a stand.

It’s a rally for rights in Annapolis on Monday.  In this instance, the crowd argued about the right definition of marriage. They oppose same-sex marriage and want the state to define it as a union between a man and a woman.

“Marriage is what’s gonna hold our, it holds the families together. Without marriage you have no families, you have no society and it’ll just crumble,” said Beth Alster, of Hampstead.

Same-sex couples want the right to get married in Maryland. Currently they don’t have it.

“Good for us to be here today because it shows that we’re same-sex African-American males supporting the bill,” said Darryl Fields.

Last week, Governor Martin O’Malley held a news conference to show his support for same-sex marriage.  He supports a bill to make it legal.

Yet the governor acknowledged the divisiveness of the issue.

“Sometimes in our empathy that we feel that those who are treated unfairly, we respond to the sort of hurt of injustice, the inequality of our laws with words of hurt rather words of healing,” he said.

Yet opponents aren’t backing down. It’s a point made clear at the rally.

“Marriage is between one man and one woman. This is something that comes from on high,” said Deacon Al Turner, Archdiocese of Washington.

“We’re here to represent what marriage is. Yep, the definition of marriage: one man, one woman,” said David and Lauren Arconti, new parents.

A recent Washington Post poll shows that most Marylanders support same-sex marriage. But that margin is small: 50 to 44 percent.

Monday’s rally was held by the Maryland Marriage Alliance.

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