It was interesting at the Ravens press conference Friday.

John Harbaugh, after introducing Dean Pees as his new defensive coordinator, was asked about whether or not he had decided about Cam Cameron. He acted surprised, as if there was nothing to it, that Cam of course would be back. Harbaugh went on to discuss how hugely successful the offense was this year.

Afterwards, I congratulated Cam about being “back”.  He laughed, and said he was never gone. The Ravens look at their 12-4 record, and 4 straight playoff appearances, and Flacco having the most ever wins by a QB in his first 4 years, and use that as evidence as how successful the offense is. On paper, that’s true.

Then why do people feel so unfulfilled about the offense? I think it’s because we can all see with our eyes that this offense is good, but not great. They win games, a lot of games, but we look at some of the games, like Jacksonville and Seattle and realize this offense has some issues. It’s vanilla and predictable at times. Maybe that’s by design, to eliminate mistakes, but it is cause for concern.


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