DAVIDSONVILLE, Md. (WJZ)—Four people were killed when a teen drove the wrong way down Route 50 in Davidsonville. Now there’s new insight into what caused that tragic crash.

Meghan McCorkell has the latest on the investigation.

Toxicology reports show the teenaged driver who was going the wrong way was under the influence, and so was the driver she hit.

For 15 minutes, drivers frantically called 911 to report a car driving the wrong direction on Interstate 97 and Route 50.

“I don’t think they had a clue they’re on the wrong side of the road,” said one caller.

But police didn’t catch up to Brittany Walker, 19, before she crashed head-on into a BMW.

She died, along with 18-year-old passengers Breanna Franco and Zachary Rose. The other driver, 55-year-old Terry Davis, was also killed.

Now investigators say both drivers were under the influence.

“She was driving on the wrong side of the highway. And I don’t know if alcohol was related or not, I just don’t know,” said Brittany’s grandfather Norman Walker before the toxicology reports were released.

Walker’s family struggles to figure out why the teen was on the wrong side of the road. The family of Terry Davis wants to know where were the police.

“Why weren’t the cops there to stop them before they hit Terry?” said Alice Davis, victim’s mother.  “Any car, any car that night. It could have been anybody they passed.”

Sam Wyatt was nearly caught up in the crash.

“Adrenaline takes over and I’m going into survival mode at this point,” Wyatt recalled.

He swerved just in time to avoid being hit by Walker’s car.

Wyatt was along I-97 North when the Chrysler flew by him going the wrong direction. It would go just five more miles before the crash.

“Either they’re looking to hit someone or they’re just that far out of control,” Wyatt said.

Now he’s relieved he wasn’t hit and his heart goes out to the families of those killed.

WJZ has learned Brittany Walker was ticketed in 2010 for going 91 mph on a 65 mph road. Investigators say a small amount of marijuana was also found in Walker’s car.

Comments (55)
  1. crazy! says:

    They were both drunk. Going to be interesting to see how the lawsuits play out in this one.

    1. Joanne says:

      They didn’t say “drunk”, they said “under the influence.” Who knows what the blood alcohol level was. I know the buzzed driving is no worse than drunk driving, but the news media loves to play up the dramatic angle of BOTH drivers were under the influence. No matter what is said, however, it is a terrible tragedy. My deepest sympathies to all the families.

      1. raven fan says:

        So let me guess. None of these hypocritical, statist commenters has ever had a drink before driving. Maryland is for devils.

    2. Bob S says:

      Why wasn’t her license taken away untill she was 21?

      1. chetta-ketta says:

        It doesn’t matter now.

  2. wllharrington says:

    But Davis was on the correct side of the road, going the correct way. I fail to see how Davis could be at fault when the other driver was going the wrong way on a high speed highway. Davis’s family should have a good case against the other driver but who knows how the lawyers will twist it.

    1. Marie says:

      However, if Davis were not under the influence as well, he could have avoided this accident and still be alive.

      1. commonsense711 says:

        Really? The girl murderered 3 people. It is irrelevant that Davis was “under the influence” That 19 year old isnt even old enough to legally drink.

      2. Jan Greenhawk says:

        How do you know that? The girl was going excessively fast in the wrong direction. How can you avoid that? I doubt that anyone could. The girl was clearly at fault.

      3. Joe Hill says:

        hey idiot read the artificial a guy that was almost hit by the person swerved and missed them it said that this ended like it did but both drivers where drunk i find it hard to give money to the man that was hit head on any money

      4. MVPHKR says:

        Commonsense and Jay: A number of other drivers successfully avoided the car coming at them on their side of the road. Mr. Davis was not at fault here, but be real: If he was not also under the influence of alcohol, he might have been able to avoid being hit.

        My condolences go out to the families of all those involved in this tragedy.

      5. wllharrington says:

        It is wonderful to see everyone sad because a stupid, irresponsible driver murdered an innocent person. Mr.. Davis was not at any fault except for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Mr. Davis had dinner with a friend, he drove do Rte 50 from The D.C. area without incident, there is no evidence that he was impaired or what his BAL was. The evidence of of stupidity resulting in his murder is ,however, clear that Wallace operated her vehicle in an unsafe manner with utter and complete disregard for the consequences of her action.

  3. sam sam says:

    It makes me sick that the conversations on here are about lawsuits. Three of these people were kids! I will be attending one of the childrens funerals and I am positive that the conversations there will not be about lawsuits.

    1. Brian says:

      They were not “kids.” Nor were they “children.” They were reckless adults.

    2. larryag says:

      thosse kids were drunken drivers that did give a damn about anyone else on the road , she already had a 91 mph in a 55 zone , drunken and speeding at 18 , who raised her

      1. Lisa says:

        Larry, I wont to commend you. You have obviously raised teenagers that never defied their parents or did anything they were told not to. Congratulations!!

  4. Sheriff M says:

    Marie…really? Your an idiot….have you driven on rt 50 or 97 before? Do you know how fast people go on those highways, you only have a split second to react…have you ever been on a roadway when someone else is going the wrong direction and coming at you to even have the right to comment on what Davis could or couldnt have done..? I doubt you have, Ive been in that situation, you dont have much time, regardless if you’ve been drinking or not, it says he had alcohol in his blood, it doesnt say how much so dont start monday morning quarterbacking before you know all the details

    And like sam sam said, 4 people are dead, 3 of them kids and you fools are discussing lawsuits, who gives a rats *** about that right now, thats the least of these families worries

    You people make me sick

    1. Marie says:

      Sherriff, I believe you’re the idiot. You don’t know me at all. So like you said, “don’t start Monday morning quarterbacking before you know all the details.” I know all of the details. And you don’t need to know how. But let’s be real, it was 3:30 in the morning. It’s dark on 50. So what if the car was coming at a high rate of speed. You should still see headlights coming a good mile away and have plenty of time to respond just like a lot of other drivers did on 97 and 50. And yes, THIS station is reporting alcohol in his blood. But the fact is, it was above the legal limit. You make me sick assuming things about people YOU don’t even know the facts about. Such a fool you are.

      1. Herman says:

        Marie – since you know all the details –

        Specifically what higway entrance was used to enter which highway in the wrong direction?

        – Route 97? At Benfield/Veterans?
        – Route 32 out towards Ft Meade somewhere?

        Where was the party they were attending? It could be close to there…

      2. A Lennart Jönsson says:

        Marie, you have an overly simplistic point of view here. Speaking as someone who HAS dodged a vehicle traveling in the wrong direction (U.S. 40 Westbound, Harford County, 1998) I can assure you that the mind must first recognize that the headlights are NOT on their own side of the road as expected and THEN process the impossible belief that this is actually happening and THEN, try to find an escape route while… BLAM… too late. Get it? I hope you’re never in this situation.

      3. Jan Greenhawk says:

        They never said his blood alcohol was over the limit. And, if you have ever been going 65 at night and you see something coming at you that fast, you may not realize until it is too late what it is and that you need to avoid it.

        You seem intent on blaming someone, so go right ahead. I think it is a sad situation all around. I have to think that going the wrong way at a high rate of speed trumps anything the other driver was doing.

  5. support NOT slander says:

    As some one who knew all 3 of these kids, it outrages me to see people make such comments about lawsuits. And pointing fingers when both parties were not completely innocent in this. None of you were there. There are so many more factors to this story… what about the 15 minutes the police were receiving calls about a car going the wrong way on 97? There are so many things that could have prevented this tragedy. But dwelling on what could have been does not change what happened. Why can’t these children and this poor man just have peace for now. Why can’t their families and friends just have chance to grieve before you go pointing fingers and throwing your 2 cents into a situation where it is not needed. If you wish to post something of support for the families and loved ones of these 4 people please by all means fill this comment board until you can no more. But please dont forget the most important thing here… People’s lives were lost. And I think in this time it is more important to pay respects to these people and celebrate their lives before you go into blaming.

    1. Let's be real says:


      You are correct it could have been prevented by this girl not illegally drinking and getting behind the wheel. Lets man or woman up and be honest, lets not pass the buck to the police saying they should have been quicker like you are trying to do.

      I’m so sick and tired of hearing people say let them rest in peace guess what if she wasn’t an idiot and irrresponsible her and her friends would still be alive and breathing. It’s time for people to accept personal responsibility for thier actions in this world and not pass it off.

      Brittany Walker is the one who caused this mess. If she didn’t know what side of the road she was on same with her friends she was either a sucky driver or just blitzed out of her mind. I wonder if she was high as well? They did find pot of couple years back during a traffic stop.

      Call me cold hearted I don’t care. Society needs to stop being so political correct and call it for what it is

      1. craig says:

        If she was JUST high, this would not have happened. Alcohol, inexperience at driving at night, the time of night and stupidity caused this tragedy. Whether the other driver, the only true victim, had alcohol in his system, while wrong, he did not cause this accident. I look forward to the BAC levels. If he was over .12, he was in the wrong. Yes, I know what the legal limit is. Its a money making number more than a scientific setting.

        Dodging cars at three am. Marie, you are an informed dolt.

      2. Kathryn says:

        @ Craig- “being just high” is illegal and impairs motor function- some people a little some a lot & depends on the stuff smoked. You don’t get high and drive!

        What is missing here is parenting- if I had ever gotten a speeding ticket like that at that age, I guarantee you the car would have been gone and I would have never been allowed to go to a party. She left home about 11:30 pm- what kind of parents let their teenage kids leave for a party at that hour? Yes, she was 19, but she was living under her parents’ (well grandparents’ I think) roof (not yet financially independent) and they should have established rules and not let her run around and party like that. Do you really think that was the first time she drove high and drunk?

        Kids act like lids, this is true, so that is why they need parenting and apparently they let her do whatever she wanted at all hours and did not care. Yes, this was a tragedy, but it is hard to feel sorry for the family that could have prevented it by simply saying “No, it’s late, you’re not going out this late or to a party where there is no adult supervision.”

        I thought I had the strictest most awful parents in the world when I was a teen and had curfews & car use restrictions til I was 21 & went off to graduate school. I am older & wiser now & know how lucky I was.

    2. momof2 says:

      Who is pointing fingers now? You do not know what the police officers were doing, it is not like theyhave a magic wand and can put themselves directly in front of the DRUNK DRIVER driving down the WRONG side of the road! Many do not realize but there are NOT many police officers on the road, due to budget cuts and a corrupt government. There is NO overtime, NO resources, NO funding. Maybe the parents and the judge should of correct this teen the first time she was convicted of going 91 in a 65 with marijuana on her?!?! She would of been 17-18 years old at the time….that is 26 miles over the speed limit. It is a tragedy the other teens put their lives in her hands, do people feel bad…yes but sometimes you have to step back and say this could of been prevented!

    3. Kimberly Snowden Wagner says:

      I could not agree with you more!! I am reading these comments and can’t believe the pointing fingers! These people don’t need this right now!

      1. larryag says:

        then they should have taught their daugther better , this was not her first time

    4. support NOT slander says:

      I have no blame to place on anyone. even the police. I was simply pointing out another factor in this case. I have nothing but kind words for these people and their families and i will not feed into all of this negativity. People are dead. Compassion is a word that seems to be lost to so many. This is the last thing i will post on here. attack me for it if you please. GOD BLESS these 4 souls. May they all rest in peace and may their families find closure in such a horrible time. I hope the loved ones of these people are not reading. and if they are, please do not listen to such hurtful things from people who have no idea what really happened. The only ones who truly know will never be able to tell the story.

  6. jimbo says:

    Marie, you are the idiot. By your comments, you don’t know everything.

  7. E S D says:

    this is a very tragic situation and if you havnt lived it be carefuk what you say .


  8. ron says:

    why do these kids think they can drink, drug and drive. she cost the life of her friends and another person by driving down the wrong way at high speeds. these white kids watch too many of these movies and think its okay smh

    1. disgusted with RON says:

      Why are you making this a white issue? I do not see people coming up on here talking about certain races murdering people in our cities, stealing and conducting all sorts of crimes, because they are listening to too much rap music…come on get a life!

    2. Lisa says:

      Really? Can you be more assanine? That’s like saying the crime rate in Harm City is based on the black kids watching Gangster movies. What is wrong with you Ron? This is 2 drivers that BOTH made poor decisions to drink and drive and unfortunately cost 4 people their lives.

    3. MVPHKR says:

      Ron, thanks for proving that smoking crack causes brain damage.

  9. Theresa says:

    Terrible to say, but I’m almost glad that Terry Davis was under the influence as well—now he isn’t such an innocent victim in my book. He could easily have killed someone himself that night that hadn’t been drinking and driving!

  10. Buck says:

    Interviewee states ..”Why weren’t the police there to stop her”?…

    You have got to be kidding me. I don’t think the budget allows for police to be on every road to stop cars going the wrong way. Whats next.. a law suit against the police for not stopping an under age drinker? Get real. The problem starts in the child’s home .A prior speeding stop with marijuana in the car. The child never should have been in a car after the first run in with police.

  11. really? says:

    really 4 people lost there life and you all are sitting bashing people im sure some if not all of you have drove drunk at some point, it’s a shame that people lost there life for a dumb mistake everyone makes mistake except this one killed 4 people, and who in the hell has to bring race up? white kids? really what does race have to do with anything?

    1. momof2 says:

      Unfortunately this is a news website, not an obituary or a place for condolences. Citizens are sick and tired of people drinking and driving and taking innocent lives. I think that gives us all the right to discuss how sickening it makes us that this driver did not learn the first time she made a mistake. I have never been under the influence and drove. I do not want to kill an innocent human and I know it is my responsibility to be on alert in case someone like this girl is on the road heading towards me! I would not be very forgiving if someone was to kill my two children because of drunk driving. And the race card disgusts me too, if it were the other way around the comments would of been deleted byadmin.

  12. Choices....mostly poor says:

    I’ve read most of these comments and an event/accident such as this seems to bring out the “judging” in all of us. It is truly sad that all of these individuals lost their lives. But let’s make it simple – it doesn’t have anything to do with race. All of those involved could have been purple, brown, orange, or polka dot with chartreuse trimmings. It doesn’t have anything to do with the police not being able to track down a driver going the wrong way on I-97. It has everything to do with making choices. Who knows if they will ever release all the information in the toxicology reports? Unfortunately, there is no one to ask who was involved how the driver managed to be going southbound on I-97 in the northbound lane. But for anyone who drives I-97 (as I do each day to work), if you are going northbound from Route 50, the first exit from 50 doesn’t come for seven miles (the exit to Route 32). The question that should be asked (which actually then becomes two questions), is how do three teenagers get into a vehicle and go the wrong way for seven miles (give or take), if at least one, maybe two of them, are from Anne Arundel County? It seems they went to a party where underage drinking was taking place – maybe someone should ask who was serving alcohol at that party to a majority of people underage? Lots of questions and no one alive to ask – very, very sad.

  13. chris johnson says:

    I think it’s funny how the Davis family blames the police, god forbid your son was drunk driving; problem solved x4.

  14. cp says:

    It was a metaphysical, precision collision. Two drunks ramming each other. It’s Darwin at work.

  15. Mark G says:

    As someone who has had to testify in court a number of times in DUI cases, I think the reason that people think it’s ok to drink and drive is beacuse there is no punishment. One case that comes to mind, the defendent had 7, thats right 7, other pending DUI cases including 2 not in this state. You know what they got? Nothing, not 1 day, nothing. Clearly education is not working, so maybe a minimum of 1 year for the first DUI might do the trick. Or maybe better yet, personal accountability for one’s own actions.

    I think this conversation shouldn’t be about who is at fault for what, but why they felt that it was ok to do in the first place. Sad thing is, there is probably not one person who will learn any kind of lesson from this, afterall it can never happen to me! I am never that drunk. I’ll never be involved in a DUI. It can’t be me.

  16. NoBody says:

    @ Marie

    It is a known fact that an impaired driver will follow lights in front of them in hope to keep a straight line to avoid being pulled over. Now with this 19 yr old being intoxicated and driving on the wrong side of the road she is now focusing on the lights ahead of her, not caring if they are red or white, to keep her driving straight. So even though the other driver could see her for over a mille and reaction he did should would’ve counter reacted to stay in that straight line. So she was going to hit someone else regardless unless she ran off the road first.

    With 3 teenagers in the car all intoxicated, they were doomed from the start of the night. The one male teeange occupant the news showed a picture of him and it was of him squated down holding a beer in his hand at 17. The 55 yr old gentlemen in the BMW did have a few drinks, but I doubt his BAC was .08 or higher, I think they are throwing that out there just for new story sake. He lost his life over a reckless teenager and the bad decision she and her friends made.

    1. eka says:

      To clear up your statement. the young man in the picture squatting down was NOT Zach Rose it was a friend of his. Zach was the one to the right cut out of the picture. The news made a mistake with that picture. Why don’t you keep up with the story and you will see the NEW and CORRECT pictures of Zach and see that the previous picture was not him.

  17. MRC says:

    People need to stop trying to draw a parallel between the girl driving the Chrysler and the gentleman driving the BMW because there isnt one. None of us know (yet) what the BAL of both drivers was. Im mean, lets be real here. Obviously Brittany was either ridiculously drunk or she was driving in the wrong direction on purpose. So what if she is a legal adult? Im 25 years old and you can be sure that if I am not home when I said I was going to be my parents will hunt me down. While the BMW driver was under the influence, it couldn’t have been by much. To make it from Old Town Alexandria to Annapolis while on the CORRECT side of the road certainly does not warrant much if any blame put on him. People need to stop worrying about how “vibrant and wonderful” the girl was and realize that she is no longer any of those things because of stupid decisions SHE made.

  18. GM says:

    I cant believe that everyone wants to bash a dead child. I am 63 yrs old and I made some bad decisions when I was younger that could have resulted in tragedy. All of the bashers must have lead perfect lives and never made a careless decision. May the dear Lord bless the families and comfort them all.

  19. NoBody says:

    The parrallel is by driving a BMW that maybe he was an outstanding gentlmen. this is concluded only by the minimum information the news has giving us on him, but more information regarding the females past driving record and current drug use. Either way naturally selection pulled 3 numbers from the hat and it happen to be their time. Kids these days see on TV that people party like rock stars and afterwards they return for next weeks episode. the neglect to see that it is TV and those actors use cabs. Wasn’t PBP that weekend as well?

  20. lee says:

    Corrupt D.O.J. employees where placing small amounts of arsenic in their suspects food.

  21. adrian says:

    Truthfully, both of these drivers were likely good people. Unfortunately, one was really young, got really drunk and made a REALLY bad decision. Does that mean she’s evil or stupid? No, just immature and reckless in one, very important moment. Not enough to damn her soul but certainly enough to take her life and those around her. With the preponderance of alcohol related fatalities and youth, I’m starting to believe that we need to take preventative measures other than education. IE mandatory ignition sensors for all vehicles operated by those under 21. Built in, hands free sensors will be available pretty soon. Perhaps installed at guardians/drivers expense before issuing insurance or a license to a teen. Teenagers on the whole just shouldn’t be trusted with something as dangerous as a car without more precaution…..loaded gun with statistics to prove it.

  22. Susan says:

    Unfortunate for all families involved…BUT..the female teen driver was underage and had alcohol in her system..strike one. Strike two she was driving on the wrong side of the road on a divided lane interstate. Strike three, she and her friends who should have noticed what was going on if they were sober paid the ultimate price. She alone bore the responsiblity for the death of all involved. With the previous incident of grossly speeding should have been a clue to someone that she had no business driving a vehicle. She had no respect for the law or for llife it seems.

    1. MRC says:

      Thank You. Exactly

  23. Nick says:

    Has anyone thought that maybe…just maybe…the two passengers where sleeping????….(not listening to loud music and partying as one would at first think)…If they were all intoxicated from a party…it was dark….it was really late…maybe the passengers were just passed out….!….The driver…alone…gets on a highway….realizes…she is lost…like many of us she then says to herself…well…I will wait for the next exit…or SIGN…to help find my way…on and on she drives and there are no signs…(because they are all facing the wrong way)…she is probably half asleep too…and barely notices people flashing lights…until one is in her dashboard…why was this child out at this hour, and given alcohol…and a car…?…Chile just pasted a law of zero tolerance…if you get caught drinking while driving…you lose your license for life…if you have an accident its mandatory 14 years in prison…regardless of whether or not you hurt somebody…WE do need to re-examine the problem…!

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