BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Hollywood legend Carrie Fisher is in town, starring in her one woman show called “Wishful Drinking” at the Hippodrome.

Mary Bubala reports the audience is in for quite a ride down celebrity lane.

When the show starts, she’s in her pajamas.

Fisher sets the stage by talking about her famous parents, Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher. He left her mom for Elizabeth Taylor in a huge scandal, which she quickly brings home for the younger audience.

“Think of Eddie as Brad Pitt, Debbie as Jennifer Aniston, and Elizabeth as Angelina Jolie,” Fisher said.

Fisher’s one woman show called “Wishful Drinking” is an honest, funny and sobering look at life as a celebrity.

“You are only as sick as your secrets, so I should be fine now,” she said.

Fisher spoke with WJZ at the Hippodrome, where she’s performing in her show through next week.

“It is fun to connect with people,” Fisher said. “What you want to do is talk to the best part of them, from the best part of yourself.”

Fisher, of course, talks about the mania surrounding her role as Princess Leia and all the by-products of it.

“I was a soap, which read lather up with Leia, and you’ll feel like a princess yourself,” she says in her woman show.

“No one would look anything but bizarre in that hair,” she said. “If that was a flattering hairstyle you would see it.”

Fisher delves into her battle with depression, using humor– of course– and the audience.

“I quiz them to determine whether or not they are mentally ill,” she said. “Because we throw people out if they are, which means I’m thrown out. If my life wasn’t funny, it would just be true and that’s really unacceptable,” Fisher said.

You’ll notice that Fisher looks different from the video of her show. She’s a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig and lost 50 pounds last year.

“Wishful Drinking” runs through Feb. 12. Tickets are still available.

Comments (2)
  1. Louis says:

    Don’s waste your time. This is worst show ever performed at the Hippodrome. It was a story that was poorly told, humorless and uninteresting.

    The audience was not responsive and many , like us, found it too painful to stay for the second act. The only thing I could take away from the show is that she was a bitter child of celebrity parents, and her goal was to find new audiences to hear her complain each and every night.

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