Steve Davis: State Of The Ravens Presser

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(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

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I was there for the annual Bisciotti and Newsome address to the media.  No bulletin board material like last year’s “We like Cam under fire,” or several years ago when Steve Bisciotti undressed and humbled Brian Billick in front of everyone. No one was called on the carpet, but we did learn some things.

I thought it was interesting, when asked if he thought the Ravens could keep Flacco, Rice and Grubbs, Ozzie said sure, but which 4 or 5 players would they have to cut to make it happen. In other words, goodbye Ben Grubbs.  Bisciotti said Flacco and Rice will be here, so that would seem to leave Grubbs as the odd man out.

Bisciotti is generally disturbed by the criticism Flacco gets, and can’t believe it. Ozzie said he has no plans to retire, and wants to win multiple rings. So he’s not going anywhere.  It doesn’t seem like they plan to cut Cundiff either.  Ozzie would like to cut a deal with Lardarius Webb, who’s a restricted free agent, to keep him from being unrestricted next year. Ozzie said the top priority is to improve the offensive line.

They also recognized, the biggest challenge will be to get back to this place again.

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