BALTIMORE (WJZ)—A Baltimore County family’s search for justice in the death of their daughter gets underway next week. On Monday in Charlottesville, Va., George Huguely goes on trial for the murder of Yeardley Love.

Mary Bubala reports a crush of media is expected to descend on Charlottesville for the murder trial.

“It’s attention to a trial by the national media that we haven’t seen here before,” said Rick Barrick, Charlottesville spokesperson.

Streets around the courthouse will be closed off next week for news vans. But just like in Maryland, there are no cameras allowed in Virginia courtrooms.

The first three rows are reserved for family and friends of the victim and the suspect.

Huguely, 24, is from Chevy Chase, Md. His family maintains he’s innocent.

Love, 22, grew up in Cockeysville and attended Notre Dame Prep.

The lacrosse players were dating at the University of Virginia when she was killed.

Huguely admits he kicked down the door to Love’s off-campus apartment and shook her as her head repeatedly hit the wall.

But his defense team says Huguely didn’t intend to kill her.

“George Huguely only learned that Yeardley Love had died when he was told that by a detective,” said Rhonda Quagliana, defense attorney.

The jury will hear that defense, along with his lacrosse teammates’, describing him as very drunk the night Love died.

They will also suggest Love could have fallen or that Adderall found in her system actually killed her.

“You are probably not going to persuade the jury to find not guilty, so if you are on the defense side, you want to do whatever you can to kind of lower the level of risk,” said Byron Warnken, legal analyst.

Jury selection begins Monday.  Huguely has been locked up since the crime. He’s charged with first-degree murder, which carries a possible life sentence if convicted.

Comments (2)
  1. Sharon says:

    If he did shake her & she hit her head against the wall, he definitely used a lot of force for him to kill her. Basically, he lost it and bashed her brains in. He should be imprisoned for the rest of his natural born life. Justice will be served. Her parents lost their child. His parents will still have him.

  2. Cc says:

    He should be in prison forever..he has a habit of uncontrolled anger and violence towards women including a female police officer in Lexington
    Lock em up and throw away the key!

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