Md. Inmate Guilty Of Murdering Cellmate With TV

CUMBERLAND, Md. (AP) — A state prison inmate is looking at 17 more years behind bars for bludgeoning his cellmate to death with a television set.

Michael Boyer, 38, was sentenced after pleading guilty Thursday in Cumberland to second-degree murder.

He was originally charged with first-degree murder in the Feb. 13 slaying of Timothy Davis, 37.

Prosecutors say they don’t know what triggered the attack in their cell at the maximum-security Western Correctional Institution near Cumberland.

Boyer was sentenced in 2004 to 50 years for eight counts of robbery with a deadly weapon in Anne Arundel, Harford and Baltimore counties and Baltimore city. The new sentence starts when that one is completed.

Davis was sentenced in 2007 to 50 years for attempted first-degree murder and drug and handgun convictions in Baltimore City.

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  • Bernard Mc Kernan

    The results of a dog eat dog couple of criminals getting justice. Very good.

  • Mike

    Let me get this straight — 50 years for his roberries —– and only 17 for MURDER…… great justice system

  • Never get out

    so he gets 50 years starting at 2007 …..with that hanging over your head youve got nothing to lose…..there is never going to be a way to put peopl away for long term sentences without the fear of then doing something else because of how much time thay have to serve……if it wasnt for drug convictions the jails woukld be empty…..we need to look at drug offences in another way instead of just giving someone 50 years for posssesion of drugs and then throwing the key away….I dont have the answer but what they have now doesnt work or slow it down … makes it worse

  • pot smoker's

    at least get the pot smokers out of jail and make thenm work on the weekdays and home on the weekends ……why lock someone up for pot…..its stupid and never accomplices anything except a more educated prisoner

  • Sharon

    One inmate just saved the State of Maryland alot of money when he killed the other inmate. That helps us taxpapers financially. One less criminal to house at our expense.

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