By Tim Williams

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It’s another supermarket shake-up in the Baltimore area. Giant is taking over two stores that just changed names less than a year ago.

Tim Williams has more on how it will affect customers and workers.

It’s a relatively new store to the Baltimore area, but soon two Fresh and Green’s locations will be changing names.

“I asked one of the girls that worked at Giant yesterday and she said they’re supposed to be moving in March, sometime in March,” said shopper Tim Flayhart.

Flayhart is referring to the Giant Food store at the Rotunda Mall in Keswick, North Baltimore. After four decades, the store is moving nearly two blocks away and into a larger Greenspring Tower Square location, currently occupied by Fresh and Green’s, a store that’s already closed to customers.

“What I’m hoping is that, OK, it’s larger, so they’ll carry their current employees over and hopefully, we hope, hire the employees that are at Fresh and Green’s,” said Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke.

In Parkville, the Fresh and Green’s—soon to be Giant Food—will remain in the current location. For now, it’s still open for business, but with signs that read “Open now. Renovating soon.”

Clarke represents Hampden and Keswick. Her main concern when the location changes is that distance will take its toll on hundreds of residents and retirees who have walked to the market for years.

“So I’m hoping that Giant will accommodate people who have been so, so faithful to Giant all these years by giving them a little shuttle back and forth, back and forth, back and forth,” Clarke said.

The Rotunda Giant has been in that location for 41 years.

Comments (4)
  1. Grocery Shopper says:

    I wish Giant could take over all of the Fresh and Greens Locations. The great “renovating soon” signs are a joke, one employee told me that its just a marketing slogan and the the company has no intentions of renovating. Seems to me like Fresh and Greens is a mis-managed poorly run company that is going deeper and deeper into debt.

  2. 1uniquemonique says:

    Giant doesn’t need to provide any shuttle transportation. Why can’t the shoppers use the “Hamden Shuttle?” It stops at the Rotunda and in front of the Greenspring Tower Shopping Center.

  3. matt says:

    Wish Giant could get their meat department together. Ever since they instituted their new program, there doesn’t ever seem to be a cutter working when you need them.

  4. happyjack says:

    Giant food is a low class Hebrew operation. Bunch of chislers with high prices & dirty stores bad service.

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