Md. Brewers Seek Increase In Refillable Bottles

BALTIMORE (AP) — Maryland brewers are seeking a change in state law to allow more restaurants and bars to sell beer in refillable containers.

Currently only brewpubs that make their own beer on premises and sell food can sell beer in refillable containers known as growlers. Only 15 establishments in Maryland have that license. Lawmakers in Baltimore and Howard County are looking to relax the requirements in order to expand sales.

Two bills would allow licensed restaurants in Baltimore City and Howard County to fill growlers intended to be opened at home. State Sen. William “Bill” C. Ferguson IV, who represents Baltimore’s waterfront, told The Baltimore Sun his bill would create a refillable container license and exclude bars that do not serve food.

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  • The grump

    I don’t like the growlers for one reason – sanitation. I’ve seen some growlers of questionable cleanliness refilled at Duclaw brewery. I remember thinking “Man, I’m glad they poured my beer first” as they refilled a clearly “used” growler. It gives me the heebie jeebies to watch them be refilled. If only they had disposable one-use growlers. I’m for recycling, but I’m also for sanitation.

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