WASHINGTON (AP) — The governors of Maryland and Virginia disagreed on issues ranging from the economy to the presidential race, religion and health care during a nationally televised talk show.

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley and Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell appeared Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” program.

When asked if Mitt Romney has wrapped up the Republican presidential nomination, O’Malley said he thinks people are still shopping. McDonnell says Romney will be the nominee, the only question is when. They also disagreed on job creation and the president’s decision to require Catholic charities, churches and schools to provide contraception as part of health insurance plans. O’Malley defended the decision while McDonnell criticized the president.

McDonnell is head of the Republican Governors Association and O’Malley heads the Democratic Governors Association.

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Comments (8)
  1. r charles says:

    o’mally is one of dem , andnever has had a real job.
    he lovess his ever incresing taxes upon taxes upon taxes and his huge road improvements that do nothing but creat a whole new set of traffic problems.
    that is all I got on this subject.

  2. valey says:

    Stop the BULLSHYT…all of them; both parties are liars and cheats..one goal is evident: remain in office.

    So, stop being led you idiot and open your eyes. NEITHER party gives a F about you or I

    1. Jeff says:

      I agree. I compare and election to a boxing fight. You have your guy that your rooting for to win and your hoping he pummels the guy going against him. The same goes for the opponnents fans, they want their guy to win. Up until the fight, you have promoters setting up fake scuffles and word wars to build up the interest and support. But while your concentrating on the fight. The promoters are the ones behind the scenes raking in all the profits. That’s an election. You think your guy is going to be different, but he’s not. He’s still in the pocket of the people that put him where he’s at. You don’t think he owes the lobbyist that line his pockets? You don’t think he owes the super PAC’s that finance his campaigns? He made promises to people in high positions in order to get the backing it takes to win. That’s why nothing ever changes. It’s always going to be the guy’s behind the scenes backing the fight that end up winners in the end. Same goes for politics.

  3. hahaha says:

    The only thing O Clowney could do is squeeze his red ball nose and walk off in his oversize shoes

  4. Jeff says:

    Of course they don’t agree on anything. That’s the new culture of politics and the main reason why nothing gets done anymore. If one party says the grass is green, the other party will say it’s not and then they’ll argue over it. It doesn’t matter what color the grass is, the point is that they will never agree with what the other person says even if it is green. That’s due to this culture taking over that you can’t ever agree with your opponnent or it will be political suicide. You can’t run a country like this. I don’t see this changing anytime soon. Both parties are responsible.

  5. Emily Sarah says:

    I would like to go to college.. but I can’t get the disability accommodations I deserve.
    I’m tired of only hearing about taxes and taxes and taxes.. or taking away disability.
    No one understands until it happens to them.


    These people with invisible diseases need help with their rights and services NOW.. or maybe 10 years ago.

  6. Liberal Soldier says:

    Don’t you just hate both of these stupid parties? Both are tone death to the needs of the people. What we as a people need neither Dem or Repub can give us. Common sense leadership and no new taxes.

  7. john says:

    Of all of these 50 States, We have the worst Governor of all. He is taxeing us too death. He has taken over a trillion dollars from the transportation fund and added it to the general fund which he spends where ever he wishes and now he wants to
    add 6% sales tax on gasoline for roads and transportation. How pathetic!. He is nothing but a liar and always has been. He wants to build new schools. New schools for who. No one goes to the ones we have now. Maryland city schools are the worst in the country, so what good are new schools. Crime is at its highest and will never change, thanks too these worthless politicians. The only way we can get through this mess is too vote these DEMOCRATS out of office.
    They want to keep the poor just where they are. Give them, Free phones, free food, free housing, free medical and the list goes on and on. If i had that i wouldn’t work either ..Just do the right thing. VOTE THESE S O B’S OUT

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