BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Prices at the pump continue to climb, just as lawmakers continue talking about adding the state sales tax to a gallon of gas. A price jump in gasoline had drivers nationwide paying record-high prices for the month of January.

Political reporter Pat Warren reports so far February is not getting any better.

Gas prices are up almost 10 cents in one week on a national average and up about a nickel in Maryland.

“I never thought I’d be paying $3.50 to drive to work,” said one driver.

Nothing fuels the fire of drivers like watching that pump go from zero to 60, which drivers can’t control…unless it’s lawmakers taxing them on top of it. In that case, as taxpayers, they’d like to think they do have some control.

“Maryland’s a tax state. That’s why I moved out of here,” said one driver.

Marylanders are paying on average five cents more for a gallon of gas this week than last.

“We can’t afford to drive now. I drive 30 miles from Pasadena to Towson one way every day. I’ve gone about a quarter of a tank and it cost me about $70 to fill my truck. It costs me $100 a week just to come to work in gasoline,” said Cynthia Bosworth.

And don’t look for relief any time soon.

“We’re talking prices that are 43 cents a gallon higher than a year ago. This time last year, Marylanders were paying $3.09 a gallon. Now they’re paying $3.52,” said Christine Delise, AAA Mid-Atlantic.

But Governor Martin O’Malley makes the case for a tax increase for the state’s transportation needs.

“Maryland has some of the worst traffic in America and we pay a heavy price in terms of the time we spend idling in bumper to bumper traffic when we could be at home with our families,” O’Malley said.

And that, too, rings true.

“If it goes toward the roads or the bridges, it’s fine, but they’re just taking the money and using it as they feel fit to do,” said Ace Hughes.

That’s another issue being addressed this session.

There’s a hearing on a bill to protect transportation dollars from being siphoned off for other uses Tuesday.

The governor proposes adding a two percent sales tax to gasoline every year for three years.

To see what gas prices are like in your area, click here.

Comments (12)
  1. amandy says:

    If I-70 was finish to I-95 then just maybe 695 north & south will have less traffic. On I-70 from 695 to security boulevard where there is no traffic where the 2 was killed from a drag race that should not happend if I-70 was finish to
    I-95. I maynot drive but I do pay the gas when someone picks me up to take me somewhere & that is the right thing to do. Maybe we need to think about carpool then ask someone to meet you at somewhere just pick them up & carpool.

  2. Tom Henry says:

    Why are we, the people being asked to sacrifice? The reason we are in this mess is the fact that the Transportation fund has been raided to the tune of close to 1 billion dollars over the last 10 years! We are being asked to pay for it twice!

    Further, this “lockbox” amendment is a sham. Having this thing pass will be in force AFTER they pass the hideous gas tax, in whatever form it comes. But by then it will be too late.

    Carpooling will not keep the economy from spiraling further downward. Trucks need to deliver food, supplies, etc. Everything related to transportation will affect prices.

  3. hahaha says:

    Not to worry the head clown will still have his fleet of taxpayers car to use

  4. Julie0617 says:

    Any all those Middle Eastern countries who are getting richer by the second off of US $$$$$ are laughing their heads off.

  5. HSmith says:

    Ridiculous! Stop raising taxes already! Why does it never occur to the Governor to cut back on the spending instead of raising taxes? Until you can improve the way people drive you will have traffic problems no matter how wide you make the roads!

  6. Robert Powell says:

    Are you kidding? We struggle a little more every day, we can barely feed our familes. We have to decide which bill goes unpaid so our children can have what they need for school. Poeple are going to work not knowing if they will have a job by five pm. We are taxed so much that what we do make hardly makes it to our pockets, and the filthy wretches in charge want more. When will it be enough? At what point do WE THE POEPLE, stand and say enough? I tell you that BOSTON MOMENT is approaching. I think every politian, law maker, anyone who is in office should be make to pay for their own fuel, and pay their FAIR part of this extortion they call taxes!!!!!

  7. Trevor Whitlock says:

    ahh taxing a pretaxed product.. so there will be an official tax tax soon. Robert, I’m with you on that one. Fortunately, we will have to learn to Robin Hood to survive, I hear Gibson Island is a well off place, St. Michael, Calvert Cliffs.

    1. happyjack says:

      Trevor, When you’re invading St. Michaels, don’t forget to torch Cheney & Rumsfelds house’s. Those pricks help start the Iraq war & the price of oil upwards.

  8. dannyboy says:

    Demand for gas is down due to the economy & people’s driving habits yet the price continues to soar. Why? because the demand in China & elsewhere has us paying for it & the greed among the big three oil companies is absurb. This is one area where I am truly disappointed in my president along with not going after the crooks on wall st. Not a one has gone to jail.

  9. Steve Wilson says:

    Why are gas prices going up? Big OIL wants Republican to win the election so they can keep their obscene profits. Why do Republicans refuse to cut tax dollar to Big Oil (who already makes obscene profits)? Why do obviously Conservative posters here like to call Democrats names, while ignoring the disastrous record of Republicans?

  10. Daniel Roberson says:

    Unless they changed the law/ which they probley did, Isn’t this double taxation???
    Tax us on the per gallon then charging a sales tax on that?????
    On top of that .23 cents per gallon a sales tax would generate more money as the price of fuel goes up.

    For instance: $4.00 per gallon = $100.00
    23 cents per gallon = $5.75 which is included in the $100.00
    Add .06 cents to that = $1.50 but thats not what Sadam O’mally wants.He wants sales tax.
    So if you get $100.00 worth of fuel you will pay anther $6.00 on that transaction.To a total of $106.00
    If fuel goes to $5.00 per gallon on the same 25 gallons $125.00 add Sadam O’mally will get anther $7.50 on the sales tax.
    It’s a win, win for the state The higher fuel goes the more Sadam O’mally gets
    Oh did I mention first, isn’t that why he just double the bridges and tunnel tolls???
    Second QUIT tacking the transportation money to balance the budget, and repay what you and Paris Glendening stole.
    Third the alchol tax lets save the kidds, That money is going to the schools for one year after that the extra 3% goes to the general fund.The news didn’t tell any one that.
    Lets not talk about BG&E ect.ect.ect…………………….

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